Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What Garrett does when he is home sick from school.

I wish Garrett was sick more often.
After you read this you will understand why.
Yesterday Garrett was sent home from school with the understanding that he would be out for 24 hours because he had a fever.
If you know Garrett he hates being sick and he hate doing nothing.
So when I told him he wont be going to school today even if he felt better he decided to clean the house.
Yes you heard me I left to take all his siblings to school and I came home to this.

Garrett had vacuumed the floors and cleaned the bathrooms and was now sweeping the floors.

He was not just sweeping like the kids do most nights he moved all the furniture.

I was shocked and yes I cried just a little when I realized how much work he had done.
I was only gone for 40 mins I really wished I had the kids energy.
I am bragging just a bit now he did not stop at vacuuming  cleaning the bathrooms and sweeping he washed down all the cabinets in the kitchen and the refrigerator.
Hands down Garret is the hardest working of all my kids. I love him so much.
I am such a lucky mom.

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  1. you can send him to my house, it's in desperate need of a clean, especially now that I'm working full time. :) I finally updated my blog too. :)