Thursday, January 30, 2014

17 years!

It always boggles my mind at how old my kids are. Really could it already have been. 5 years since I gave birth to our first boy? 

I have to say it's been a wonderful 17 years he a such a good boy. 

We celebrated Robbie's birthday a true Wilderness fashion. Rushed fun and giggles. I made fajitas for dinner his request and made a yummy snicker cake. 

We sang happy birthday loud and off key. 
We had a good family party. 

The next day we took Robbie to see the 2nd part of the hobbitt. He loved it I feel asleep during part of it. I don't know why but put me in a dar theater and I fall asleep. 
  Happy birthday Robbie I can't believe you will be 18 years old next year. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Boys night out!

 Friday night my Huaband took the boys to Denver for a fun night out they left early to avoid traffic. 
Their first stop was a bugger joint where the burgers were huge.  

They went on to go watch the Denver Nuggets play.

The Nuggets lost but the boys had a fun night out. They all want t go again.

I am glad that Ben is at an age he can tag along and bind with Dad and the boys. In the last 6 months he has tagged a long more and more. 
He said the silliest thing the other day.
" it's about time they finally recognize I am a man I have been shaving for years" 
He cracks us up always. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Stoney the Beast!

The other day I was taking Stony for a walk it was beautiful and warm for the first time in a few days. I was listing to music strolling along When Stony broke out into a full run! 

I went along and started running to I thought this will last a few minutes but for fun I turned on runtastic with gps. I kept thinking Stony is a tiny dog with little legs he will ware out fast. Yep I was wrong he lasted 16 minutes and 2 miles. I was honestly shocked and made him stop at this point I was scared his little heart would give up. 
While we were running we got a lot of stares and giggles from people passing by . I am sure we looked a little funny. I don't think you see a crazy lady running in flats with her tiny Chuahua every day. At least we were fast:)

Monday, January 6, 2014


Could we just catch a little break? 
I got a text from Dale a at 11:30 am saying he was in the ER i text him back simply the word heart. He text back Y. 
I quickly got out of my work out clothes and headed to the ER. 
When I got there the first thing the nurse said it was a little scary for a moment but everything's under control now. Not what I wanted to hear.

When I got to his room he did not look so bad he was texting our realtator so I thought it couldn't have been that bad. 
Yep I was wrong it was bad. His heart was racing for over 45mins at about 200 beats a minute and after he was given the maxim amount of meds to reverse the SVT there was no change so the next step was to shock his heart. Thank goodness his heart started to go back to a normal rymthm before they had to shock his heart. Dale and I was so glad I was not there I think I might have freaked out a bit. After waiting a little bit the DR. came in and said Dales body dose not tolerate his SVT attacks well so he suggested a surgery to fix it. So in the next few weeks he will be having this surgery. I am not going to lie this is upsetting to me but I am happy that Dale will no longer have to suffer from these attacks. The surgery has a 90% success rate.  Thank goodness for moderne technology . We truly blessed to like in such a medically advanced time. 

As iratated as I am about Dale having to have surgery so close to my whole ordeal . I am very grateful that our issues are small in the big perspective of life we are so blessed to have mostly good health and that our children are healthy and happy. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Growing pains.

I love these two boys they have been best friends since day one. They are more different than alike but they always like to do things together. At the beganing of December the boys had a blow out something that never happens. It upset me very much that their relationship had been damage. I thalked to both boy and found out the heart of the issue. It was something that if not nipped in the bud quickly would lead to permant damage. I talked to the offender of the problem and at first he thought his behavior was no big deal. After reminding him how much I hatted sarcasm and just joking at others exspence and how his brother really can not tell the diffence between the two he understood how his brother might have been hurt by his behavior and vowed to change. I challenged him to pray and read scriptuers to help him. I also prayed and asked Father in Heaven to help him. 
I was honestly shocked at fast a change came. That night at dinner when he could have been sarcastic with his sister as the words started to come out he stopped himself. I have notice every day since the extra kindness and patients he has had with his brother and his other siblings. I am impressed with his willingness to change at such a young hard age. The boys relationship is stronger because of this incident and I hope it will only get stronger. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years Day 2014! { in pictuers }

2014 funsillytastic!

I have been reflecting what I want my goals to be this year and the words that keeps sticking in my head is FUN and Silly So I combined the 2 words and made up Funsillytastic!
So with those two word in mild Here are my goals for 2013
Read the Book of Mormon cover to cover Then act out my favorite three stories for my kids
Run my first 5K but make it a silly one like the color run or zombie run
Dance often in front of my kids like no one is watching
Memorize the living Christ (Yes I think this will be fun)
Tackle one of my many project each month ( This will mean one project a month)
Hike the incline at least once this year
Learn to cook something new each month
Spend more quality time with my family
Plan a fun vacation
My kids hate this one Take more pictures super fun for me
As always I have a ton of other personal goals
So here is to a Funsillytactic year!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goal review 2013

Here were my goals for 2013
Read Scriptures every day BIG FAIL
learn to ball room dance We took lesson so I will say good TRY
bake treats for kids every week This was a sort of success
run a half marathon Fail
master the art of yoga I am much better than I was at the start of the year
hike pikes peek Fail
learn to edit pictures creatively Yes I did it!!
create more exciting date nights Kinda sorta
hold weekly game night with the kids We tried and were successful most weeks
make or buy curtains for my dinning room FAIL
decorate my bed room Almost there its looking great!
learn 3 new skills Yes Ball room dancing how to make a lot of foods from scratch( for some one who hates to cook this was huge)
make Christmas gifts for extended family and have them mailed by December 1st  It was a good thought
Continue to learn and grow as a mother and wife I think I did a good job with this one.
take one family members name to the temple Fail
create and write in a 365 day art journal This lasted a week
have my Christmas Shopping done by Dec 1st FAIL
make each holiday and birthday extra fun. Yes I did
do one kind act every day I tried
find ways to teach my children to serve others Yes they were great at serving others and still do. This makes me happy. Now this year to teach them to serve each other.
read 50 books by the end of the year Yes I did and more!
2013 was a hard year for me I had ups and a few hard patches.
I have a feeling 2014 will be fantastic.

New Years Eve!

I cant believe 2013 has come to an end already we spent the last night of 2013 doing different things.
Sadly all my older kids are all at that age that they don't want to ring the new year in with mom and Dad.

The boys went to the church dance where the rang in the new year with many friends dancing to what dose a fox say as the clock struck midnight. Mylissa no picture went over to a friends house.

Grandma and Grandpa Wilderness where here and the feel asleep while watching TV for a while them Grandpa went to Bed Grandma stayed up with us until 1:30ish.

Our friends the Nunnely's came for the evening with their 5 kids we had a ton of fun eating and laughing and game playing.

Madeline and Kammy had fun playing games with the adults they giggled a lot and had a good time together they were sad when it was time for Kammy to go home.

These two yahoos were stinkers they laughed and goofed around all night we could hardly get through  a game of loaded questions.

Shania and I got a little giggly too.
The little kids watched a few shows and played a few games.

We brought the kids upstairs to watch the ball drop so we could ring in the new year together.

He may be the biggest goofball around but I sure love him.

There is no one I would rather share my first kiss of the New Year with than him.

Well maybe Shaina !

I hope you all had a safe and happy New Years eve! I know we did!