Saturday, March 29, 2014

Treading air

I have been very digant about running this year. I am tring hard to stay in shape and keep my heart healthy runing helps me do this. I was doing my regular running routine when I slipped on the rubbery thing . I had wights in my hands and did not drop them in time to catch my self. 

I ended up falling hard and doing a pretty little number to my arm. It hurts but it's not broken but I have a nasty bruise. Hopefully I can get back on treadmill with out to much fear. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Blue and Gold

I was on Face book scrolling away when I saw my friends post about the cake she helped her son make for blue and gold. palm print to the head I totally forgot that Ben need to make one so last minute this is what I came up with. the team was pollenian. 

The cake is a volcano it turned out ok not bad for last minute.

Here is Robbie goofing around at the dinner.

We had fun watching the warrior dances that some young men preformed for us.

The scouts got to learn the dance they all looked so cute doing it.