Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Random pix that made me laugh..

I was looking at some of my old files on my computer and found a file with some random pictures.
In a lot of them I am not sure what I was thinking when we got dressed that day and in others They just made me laugh. and others made me say awe.

Two things strike me in this picture a what an ugly purse B. Robbie needs a hair cut.

I love how we are all smiling and made is throwing a fit and Ben is just chilling.

Don't you just love my trailer trash drag queen look.

Maddie and I must have both been sleepy here.
I honestly think I had not slept for 5 days in this pic.
Maybe that will explane the crazy pajama pants.

I love this retro's 80 picture of Dale and his sister Deb.
Can you believe Dale use to have this much hair.

What can I say about this one other then what was I thinking?
I know this was for a date night scavenger hunt but really what was I thinking?
And that's as much as I am going to embarrass myself today.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ben's day

Ben's Birthday was low key we I did everything he wanted to do even if it was weird.

First thing on his list was to play on the computer for as long as he wanted with out earning time.
We are stricked with our kids computer usage they have to earn it by doing extra chores and then it's an hour max for the day.
So unlimited computer time was a big deal for Ben

Next to the weird part he wanted to go to Walmart and play the claw machines I have him 10 quarters and he was in claw king heaven.

Then he wanted to play video games at in the electronics section.
Every time we go to Walmart he begs to play the WII you I think it is called .
I let him play for 30 mins while I checked messages on my phone.

Next on his list was eating at McDonald's
He is such a ham.

We then went home had cake with the sisters and he played legos for hours then we watched Jack and the Giant slayer.
We finally went to bed at 11;00pm 
"He had the best day ever! "his words he says this a lot I am glad to know he has a ton of best day's ever.
We sure love this kid he is our sunshine on a cloudy day. OK let;s get real he is our sunshine every day.

Monday, July 29, 2013

9 years ago today my water broke 5 weeks early. .

I remember it like it was yesterday I was 35 weeks pregnant with Been I was mislabel and tiered of poking myself with a needle each night because I had Gestational diabetes.
That morning I went to my  bi weekly non stress test and ultrasound, everything looked great that morning.
I came home cleaned the house then we went out for dinner.
2 hours later my water broke, I was a little scared but excited to meet Ben.
I was prepared that he would be going to the NICU for weeks because of the diabetes but I was not prepared for him to be so early.
I did not have contractions after my water broke so we opted to have pittouson  you would think with 6 prior birth's I would have had it before.
This was my first time and let me tell you it was awful.
It was the longest labor I ever had.
Yet worth every minute of it.
Mr. Ben was born at he had the weakest cry but it was sweet .
I only got to see him a moment be fore they wished him away.
He was so tiny but I remember thinking he had the biggest hands I had ever seen on a newborn.
I did not get to hold him for a few hours because of all the work he needed to get him stable.
Seeing him in the NICU for the first time was hard he had so machines and wires hooked to him.
His heart rate kept dropping a lot  but when I walked in and started taking his heart rate would start back up to where it needed to be.
I was scared to hold him the first time in the NICU but excited at the same time,
The moment he was in my arms he captured my heart and to this day he still owns it.
Despite what Maddie says I don't love him more than the other kids and he is not my favorite child but I would be lying if I did not say he has my heart wrapped around his sweet smile.
He make's me happy every day he is balm,  to my broken heart when William died, he makes me laugh every day he makes me laugh and brings me to tears every year he gets older I feel that he is my bonus child my special gift from heavenly father.
I love this boy so much and I am so glad he chose me to be his mommy.


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Joe's Crabs Shack

 I love this picture of My sister in law and Garrett

If you can't tell by my sister in law's bib and my title we went to Joe's Crab Shack on Saturday
It was a first for me.
The rest of the gang have gone a few times.

As you can tell by my fathers in laws smile he loves the place.

My mother in law too.
She is always asking to go so when we are deciding to go somewhere to eat.
It;s on the other side of town and we just never get around to going there when she is in town.
It was a no brainier that we would eat there when we saw that  it was across the street from Barns and Nobel.

Ben wined a lot when he realized we were eating here.
He hates sea food he was happy to find out they served hamburgers.

Evidently when you order crab legs they give you a bib and write a cute saying on it.
The waiter ask sweetly  if he can put the bib on of course the unsuspecting person says yes.
Deb's said best legs in town except she did not know that anything was written we were all giggling.
She new something was up so I took a picture to show her she was thrilled with what the bib said.
She really dose have great legs.

Dale was starving after spending most of the day signing books I really cant believe how much he ate.
At Joe's they have big servings.
He had something called the big platter or something like that it had hush puppies, fish , lot's of different kinds of shrimp and crab cakes.

I tottaly forgot to take a pic of me and my yummy coconut shrimp it was very yummy.
It has taken me a long time to learn to like sea food 6 years a go you would have never caught me going to a place like Joe;s
I am not sure if I will wan't to go again any time soon it's kinda pricey but it was funand the food and company were good.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Books signing and reading.

Dale had a book signing and reading today at Barnes and Nobel. 

It was cute listing to read and hearing what the little ones had to say.

I had to sneak some fun pictures in  of some of the Wilderness men.
I love Ben's ch easy smile.

Dales father had these lovely lavender shirts made for Dale with his name and the book 's titels.
They make him look very professional and brings out his beautiful blue eyes.

It was nice that is friend Katie stopped by she was sweet and bought a few books.

Dale had a successful day and sold a good amount of books.
He leaves for Alaska tomorrow for gets book signing tour there.
I am jealous that he gets to see Boone.
To bad I had to stay home this time but I need to stay and  do the fun mommy stuff like celebrate Ben's 9th birthday with him..

Friday, July 26, 2013

Ice cream social:) & dry socket:(

One of the fun things our neighborhood dose is have monthly ice cream social.
Each month there is a theme last month was smores this month was floats .
Cold stones sponsors it so not only do we have yummy ice cream it's from one of the best  ice cream places around.

My kids look forward to this each month.

See how happy they are!

I was there too but I was grumpy and sick from dry socket.
I went to the car and pouted I was in a lot of pain and my dentist office was closed so I could not get my tooth medicated.
While I was in the car pouting I got a surprise knock on the window it was my dentist. 
He was very kind and was sorry I was in pain he offered to let me go to the office on his day off at 7:00 at night to get my tooth packed.
I told him I would be ok until the morning .
He then told me about the magic clove oil that would help the pain.
I really have the best dentist in the world.
I also should have called him early on in the day and got relief sooner.
I  was being silly by not wanting to bug him on his day off.
Anyhoo lesson learned call my dentist and don't be stubborn when in pain.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Debra Lynn

My sister in law came downd too celebrate here birthday with us. I hope she had fun..

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rainy day

It rained pretty much all morning and afternoon.
It was super foggy in the morning I just wanted to sleep because my teeth are still in a lot on pain.
I had to get up and get dressed and march myself down to the Air force Academy"s hospital to get the boys Boy scout physicals papers they needed to day..
I went in June and had the physicals done had all the paper work done and was proud that I had done something months in advance instead of last minute.
Well my darn boys lost the papers that I thought were turned in.
So for two weeks I have been calling to try and get the paper work all I would here is someone would call you.
I waited and waited and never got a call back after calling three times I finally got a different person and he said well why did she not tell you to go to  outpatient records they will print them up for you. GRRRR.
I really wanted to scream really it was that simple and easy.
The girl that kept telling me my PMC's nurse will call me is a stink head. I have still never gotten a call.

Why did I just tell you this whole story ?
To explain why I am wearing a sequence top with my pajama bottoms.
Yes I came home got in my warm jamma bottoms and laid around and was lazy but at least I had some style .

I still cant eat so yummy sweat potato soup it is . I really miss real food.

Ben and Maddie got creative while they were stuck inside in the rain.
They made things from cardboard. 
It kept them quite and happy for hours.

To say the least Ben and Maddie were happy with their creations.
I thought they were creative and fun and enjoyed not hearing I am bored.

I enjoyed the coolness the rain brought and the moister we are in a drought after all.
All this rain is making my yard look great.

The other good thing about the rain is that these guys had to stop making noise for the day.
I hate have construction going on a cross the street. 
The machines are up making noise at 6.:45 drives me nuts.
Well that was our rainy day:)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Back too blogging..

I decided not go private because It was  to confusing for me.. I miss writing in my blog so I made some security changes. I hope too add more craft tutorials and make things a bit more fun around here.

I guess I better get started letting you know what the Willderness family has been up two this last month. Stay tuned:)

Monday, July 22, 2013

A trip to the dintest

Yesterday I had to get 4 teeth pulled.
Yes 4 teeth I don't do well with going to the dentist and because of my neglect I am faced with a ton of dental work I mean a ton not only is it painful it is costing  me a ton of money.
The only good thing to come of this is I found a really good dentist we is so kind and thoughtful and dose not judge me.
I also love his staff they are so nice to me.
They help me deal with my embarrassment and my anxiety they laugh with me and let me know it is normal to have anxiety.
I was also given meds that helped me.

So here I am with the numbing lollies 


I am trying to smile her with all the numbing meds in me.

Here I am icing my face during the day.

I feel better today but not %100.

My next appointment is in August to fill a ton of cavity's.
Hopefully my dental health will be perfect by the end of the year or close to it.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Hot date!

Friday night is date night at our house .
People laugh when I say I still date my hubby every Friday night.
I love to get dressed up and look cute for my husband somethings I throw in a little sexy for good measure.

We mostly just go to dinner and the movie sometimes we will go to musicals the theater or take dance classes.
I know we are kinda boring but we love being together.

This Friday we met some of Dales friends form work for dinner then went to world war Z.
The movie was not great but the snuggle time was.
When people ask us what is the screct to our marriage I always reply I married my best friend and we sitill date.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A family hike at the Air Force Academy

It was a beautiful day on Saturday so we decided to take a hike  out at the Air force academy. We love hiking there with their may trails.

We started down a new trail we had not hiked before

Mylissa and I took a moment to take some pictures.

We put the rest of the family in this next shot.

This shot is not too bad for my kids in fact I will say its a very good shot.

Madeline got a little sleepy and wanted a nap.

We cant forget Mr. Stonewall he loves hiking with the family.

We walk for several hours until the base PA warned us to seek shelters because of lightning.
We started home and it started to sprinkle then we were caught in a down poor.

I cant belive in a matter of minutes how dark it got out side.
Despite the rain we had a great time hiking.