Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ben's day

Ben's Birthday was low key we I did everything he wanted to do even if it was weird.

First thing on his list was to play on the computer for as long as he wanted with out earning time.
We are stricked with our kids computer usage they have to earn it by doing extra chores and then it's an hour max for the day.
So unlimited computer time was a big deal for Ben

Next to the weird part he wanted to go to Walmart and play the claw machines I have him 10 quarters and he was in claw king heaven.

Then he wanted to play video games at in the electronics section.
Every time we go to Walmart he begs to play the WII you I think it is called .
I let him play for 30 mins while I checked messages on my phone.

Next on his list was eating at McDonald's
He is such a ham.

We then went home had cake with the sisters and he played legos for hours then we watched Jack and the Giant slayer.
We finally went to bed at 11;00pm 
"He had the best day ever! "his words he says this a lot I am glad to know he has a ton of best day's ever.
We sure love this kid he is our sunshine on a cloudy day. OK let;s get real he is our sunshine every day.

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