Monday, December 30, 2013

8 Years

8 years a go today I held William in my arms for the last time as he took his last breath.

The moment of his death was sad and the hardest thing I hope I will ever have to endure it was also such a beautiful spirtal moment. I often look back in awe at how strong I was. I also wonder where did that amazing strong girl go. Once in a while I will get glimpses of her and smile with pride. 
Williams phycal presents may be gone from the earth but I am blessed to feel his spirt around me often. I am so gratefull for those tender mercys from a loveing Heavenly Father. 

I often think about how amazing, tender and sweet our reunion will be. I am so greatful for the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life and the knowledge and blessings I gain from being a member of the church. 

I love and miss you Sir William untill we meet again.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Far out 70s party

Last night was my cute friend Kim's 40th birthday party. Her family threw her a fun 70s themed party. There was lava lamps great music fun video clips from the 70s and yummy food. We also played let's make a deal where Dale won a life time supply of green jello and a pet rock. 

I think the best part was dressing up. 
I went to the thrift store and found this cute number and it's funny that Dale found everything he wore in his closet. When I first saw Dale dressed up I almost wet my pants. He looked like he stepped out of the 70s he looke Dyamite!

After Dale and I took a few pictures I grabbed Kim to to take some with. 
{warning you will die laughing when you see some if these pictures }

I am not sure what happened but Kim and I looked like midgets. 

Here we look like our normal selves. 
 I guess my lack of being photogenic shined last night I looked like a total crazy woman in these next few pix. 

This last shot cracked me up Heather and Kim look adorable and I look nine months pregnant. 
Heather was sweet and blamed it on the angel I was standing and my skirt. Let's just say this was the motivation I needed to loose 15 lbs and work out every day. 

I really could not believe how crazy I looked in these pictures so Heather grab my phone posed me and made looke better than I did before. Yay for understanding sweet friends. 

She really is a doll and a good friend even if she looked like Jane Fonda. 
 Despite my sillyness I had an amazing time celebrating a good friends birthday. 

Happy birthday Kim thanks for the fun night!


Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

For the first time in 8 years Christmas has lacked its magic for me . It makes me sad when this happens. Despite my lack of Christmas magic we had a good Chtirtmas. My kids were spoiled once again and we had fun as a family. 

We went out as a family for Christmas Eve to eat we don't go out very often as a family so when the kids asked we gave in. 

After dinner we looked st lights and delivered treats to our friends. 

When we got home we watched a Christmas movie and opened our Christmas Eve gifts. Normally we get PJ's we strayed from tradition and got slippers. The kids were a little surprised but were happy with their gift. 
When it was bed time Madeline wrote a note and left cookies fror Santa. 
Benny made a plan to catch Santa. I love that he still believes. We then all went to bed sorta. Dale crashed in the couch after prayers because he was feeling sick. I started playing Santa so I could go to sleep when all the gifts were out I heard noises. I thought it was kids sneaking around but it was just Ben sick in the bathroom. 
I was so sad for both Benny and Dale. 
We woke up the next morning happy but I felt sick and totally forgot to take pictures. The kids were all happy with what they got and a little surprised. 
We got all the kids their own personal media devices something I have always limited the kids to havering. To say least they were shocked. We got Robbie Garrett and Madeline tablets. With homework needing to be done via computer now days we thought it was practical. With Ben we just spoiled him and gave him a hand held playstation and to be practical a little bit he got a few educational games.  Mylissa all ready having a lap tip did not need or want a media device. She asked for practical things like perfumes lotions and underwear.  Dale and I gave each other little things we wanted. 
This is the only picture taken of Dale and I . We all spent the rest of the day being lazy. 

We were all feeling a little icky so lady was good.
Before I forget our favorite gift was learning Kadie our oldest is expecting again yay! 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Back to running.

I really haven't been good at running lately. In fact I have not ran regularly since July. With surgery and all the stress I have barley worked out. I hate how I feel when I neglect my body. So instead of waiting until January to set my goals I am staring now. 

Friday, November 29, 2013

15 candles

Time is flying by so fast I can't believe Garrett is 15 it seems like just yesterday he was a snuggley sweet baby. 

Now he is this giant boy that wants to grow up faster than I want him to. He is smart and wants to get through school as fast as he can. For Christmas he asked us to pay for a geometry class so next school year he can take higher math class. He has hopes of getting an early acceptance to the sir force academy where he will get an enginering degree and fly A-10's. I keep telling him to slow down and enjoy being young while he can. He is such a good boy I am so glad he is a part of our family.