Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bald for Bucks

Robbie decided to do bald for bucks this year at his high school.
It is a program there school started along with pinnies for patients that most schools do every February.
I know every where we have lived this has gone on in the schools.
At Rampart they take it one step further and get donations from there pears and teacher then shave their heads at the end of February in a big assembly.
this year the money went to the make a wish program they made enough money so that 30 wishes could be fulfilled.
A young lady who's wish was fulfilled by the Rampart students spoke it was touching and brought tears to my eyes.
There were many stories shared by teachers students and staff of their fight with cancer and other illness.
I was so greatfull that I was there and witnessed such amazing acts of genorasity from these tee aged kids.
I had a very special moment that I will share later.

If you know Robbie you know he loves his hair.
Why not he has beautiful hair.
We let him keep it on the longer side because he looks good and he takes care of it.
Today Robbie had to go to the hospital for a cat scan for his chest deformity 
he has been having issueswithit lately and in his last x ray they saw something .
Robbie know how illness can effect you and make you different from others.
He thought he would miss the assembly today because of the Cat scan but as luck would have it we got in early it took only a few moments.
We got to the school just as everything was starting so I decided to stay. 
I am Glad I did.

Here is Robbie as he was going into the school.

I took this shot as the first cuts started.
I just love his smile.

He has his I am a cool teenager look going on.

Here he is bald like his daddy.
This in fact reminded me of pictures that were taken when Dale was in basic getting his head shaved.

These next two shots were of the kids waiting to cut off all there hair.
As you can see they were mostly boys but you can see some long blond hair with pink tips.
Yes girls went bald too.
I cried when I saw their scarafice these were beautiful girls with long hair that they not only shaved but gave to locks of love.
The joy on the girls faces was priceless.
What an amazing gift they gave.
I was really sad after watching this that I would not let Mylissa do this.
I thought she would regret it.
I just let her raise money but not shave her head.

I was able to snap this cool picture of just some of the hair that was shaved off today.

I am so glad that Robbie did this.
I know he will miss his hair but it was for a good cause.

Now for my sweet moment.
As I was listing to the stories of survivors and those who did not survive there cancer hart defects, and other diseases.
I looked down at my phone and a picture of William was on my screen.
My only exsplnation for it being there was that it was a message for Robbie from William letting him know that his little brother was watching him from above and was very proud.

Playing with Glama and Grandpa

Last week I was watching Carroll while his mom was running errands.
He loves my jewelry and always wants it. 
It is really cute how excited he gets when I come into his sight after I get dressed for the day.
He looks at me with wonderment reaches out for me and gets so excited when I pick him up.
He then looks at my head my neck my ears and my wrist to see what I am wearing. 

He claps then decides witch piece of jewelry would taste the best and grabs for it.
It is absulutly darling.
This day I was wearing a pearl head hand and he kept grabbing for it so I put it on his head.
I dont think he liked it much.

The one thing Carroll loves almost as much as Glamas jewels is Grandpa's tools.

He loves watching grandpa put things together.

After he watches Grandpa fix things he attacks and wrestles with him like the big boys do.
It is so dang cute.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


We went to bed last night with the promise of a blizzard at 11 p.m.

When we woke up at 7:30 no sign of a blizzard.  about 10 o'clock sings take them snowing the wind was blowing whirling around.

Visibility was becoming worse and everything was foggy. At 12.15 we found out church was cancelled.

Maddie was bummed because it was her birthday they were going to sing to her and introduce her and she and Women's.

Ben was happy he called it when he woke up this morning there be no church so he did favorite  activity  wrestling with Daddy. The boys had to join in of course.


I drank hot cocoa and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon in my favorite pajamas. We  had yummy birthday cookie and ice cream and sang happy birthday to Madeline. It was a fun family day despite the cold blustery weather.

I would not say that we really had a Blizzard as I stated before it was a good day and tomorrow we get to sleep in because the school district called a 2 hour delay.

12 things about Madeline

1. Madeline was born at Travis Air force base in California she is our youngest girl and our 6th child.

2. Madeline is kind, honest, fair, fun beautiful full of laughter, a good friend, Aunt and sister and  a wonderful daughter.
3. Madeline has the best smile.
4. She loves stuffed animals and going to build a bear.
5. Mr.s Maddie loves her family when she was in the hospital when she was born she cried a lot I thought she had colic or something. When her siblings came to see her she quit crying and started cooing she looked at each of them and I swear she smiled. After her siblings left she started crying again she cried until we took her home the next day and never really cried again. 
she loves being with her family.
6. Madeline has some learning disabiltys that were discovered by an amazing kindergarten teacher.
She struggles with learning it dose not come easy for her. she will come home form school and study for hours for test and it takes her longer than the average kid to do her home work, yet she as all A's and B's and is on the honer roll.
She amazes me with her study and work ethics.

7. Madeline is a princess since the day she was born we have called her Princess Maddie Cat.
She has always loved to dress like a princess and when she was in pre-school and kindergarten she would sneak her princess outfits to school and when I would leave she would go in the bathroom and change into them.
One day she did not know I was staying when she walked out of the bathroom I hear doo doo to doo the princess has arrived she was dressed in her Cinderella outfit including her shoes jewelry and crown all her classmates and teachers clapped and bowed{ I kid you not.}
I on the other hand just about died.
This is when I learned  hat this happened almost every day.
8. Maddie is so good with little kids she loves to play with them, teach them,read to them. she is a good little babysitter and gets asked all the time to babysit.
She is going to be an amazing mom one day.

9.Madeline loves to eat she is always asking me to make something yummy.
10. Maddie has boys ask her out all the time they bring her gifts and write her poems when ever this happens she always is kind t and says ask me on a date when I am 16.
Madeline has an amazing understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
She clevis unto it's teachings .
She understands the resurrection better than most adults.
She will be awesome in young women.
11. Madeline loves to draw and gets better and better at it every day. her favorite thing to draw is clothes and shoes she wants to be in the fashion industry when she grows up.
( there is no doubts she my daughter)

12.Madeline is so very beautiful inside and out.
When she was a baby I was always told  by strangers , the kids teaches and friends that she is one of the most beautiful baby' they had ever seen.
I think it is because the light of Christ shown through her eyes. 
I still get told form the friends family teachers, and strangers how beautiful she is. 
Maddie knows she is beautiful too but she is never vain about it.
I still think what makes her such a beautiful young women is that she still has the light of Christ in her.

I love you Maddie Cat Happy 12th birthday.

Friday, February 22, 2013

First game the season.

It's that time of year again middle school basket ball.
Garrett had his first game a few days a go they lost but Garrett played a good game.
Many parents came up to me from his team and the other team to tell me this.
He has improved so much from last year.
He really dose not plan on playing in high school because it interfears with Wrestling and he would rather wrestle.
Yet it was nice to hear from his coach that he could play in high school and collage that he has that much natural talent.
I am always in awe with Garrett's athletic ability some times I wonder wear he gets them from.
His Dad and I are not sporty.

The Dreadmill

Mr. Garrett's begging paid off and we finally bought a treadmill for him to train on.
Garrett has a big goal of going to the Olympics for track and field.
Garrett's super fast but wants to become faster so we saw reason in his request.  
I for one am not a big fan of running on the treadmill.
Yes I call our treadmill the dreadmill because I dread running on the thing.
I love to run don't get me wrong just not on the treadmill. I feel like a trapped animal when I run on a treadmill. Now I know why I was never successful at  running I always started out on the treadmill.
last year I decided to just run on the street and after 9 months I started to fall in love with running.

I love the way I feel after a run outside I am breathless  my skin is sweaty and flushed I love the smells and the challenges running brings I love to run on trails off trails and on the street I feel very satisfied after my runs.

On the treadmill I am mostly board unless I play games that challenge my body and mind. I like to bump the incline up to 10 grade and run a 5.8 speed it burns a lot of calories too.
sometimes I will run at 10 speed for as long as I can.
But what ever games I play do not compair to running outside.

I also tend to run over the belt baier many times I almost fall on my bum.
I doubt I will ever love running on the treadmill but it has been good for me while the weather has been to bad to run outside

Family fun!

Last Friday we took the kids out for a little family fun!
we took the kids out to ITZ a pizza game place.
Our kids love this place.
I think it is a germ infested icky place with awful food.
I only go because my kids love it.

(This is the only pic of me that I took before we left)
I tried to get pictures of everyone that night.

Mylissa eating 

Garrett and Robbie playing pac man

Maddie eating

Carroll raceing

Dale , Carroll , Mylissa, Ben and Maddie.

So missed Shelly but everyone that knows her Know she avoids me when I am  taking pictures .

I am so glad we got to spend one more night together before Carroll and Shelly moved.

Murder mystery / 23rd anniversary

On the14th of February 1990 I married my sweet heart.
He has spoiled me for 23 years and continues to do so.
This year for our wedding anniversary Dale took me out for a murder mystery dinner.
We had a ton of fun!

We had to make up names I was GI GI Dale was Lex Luther 

As we were waiting to go in for dinner we ran in to Jessica rabbit and  Mrs. Diva
They made us laugh and giggle asked if it was our first time. Dale and I have been to a few of these dinners My favorite one was in a Bed and Breakfast with about 20 people.
This one was at a hotel with a about a hundred people. 
The murder happened while we were eating salad we were then give clue threw out the rest of the dinner.
During dessert we found out who the murder was.
We laughed a lot and had a good time  

I am so great full that I changed my name to Wilderness all those years a go I love Dale with all my heart and I am great full that he chose me to be his wife.

Snow kindness.

Wednesday night it snowed and it snowed and it snowed. I was sure the School District was not going to call a snow day.
After picking the kids up at 830 Wednesday night from church Dale and I decided the Roads would not be safe in the morning and we called our own snow day. the kids were excited did they would not have school next day. They woke up the next morning with plans of how they were going to spend their day. As friends kept calling for play dates they realize the district  had called a snow day not just the wilderness family. We were blessed by some snow kindness from our next door neighbor he came over with his snow blower and plowed the sidewalks. A  friend from down the road and from church came over and help the boys shovel the foot of snow out of the driveway. We were so grateful for their help it was a nice suprise for Dale when he got home from work.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A week of being spoiled!

Dale took all of last week off to spoil and pamper me but I think he wanted to spoil and pamper himself and that's ok he deserves it.

Here is just a few highlight of what we did.

We ate yummy food all week long this was a chicken fried corn on the cob. It was super tasty.

Had mannies and pedies

We ate some more .
Dale is such a stinker when it comes to taking pix.

Drove and talked a lot.

Was photo bommed by Jesus because we are just that good.

drank hot coco and talked some more.

We also had massages
went shopping
went to a movie
we were involved in a murder mystery
and took the kiddos out to Its.
I will write a little more about some of these adventures in there own post.

It was really one of the best weeks ever.
I love my hubby.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Booney boy and Kadie

I am so happy my daughter Kadie always post pictures of the Boone. He is such a cute little monkey. I wish they lived closer so I can smooch and spoil Boone rotten all the time. In this picture Boone looks so much like my little brother Carl when he was a baby. I love seeing the families resemblance in Boone. I just love this little boy.

Remember this headband.

I went shopping with Dale the other day we were in Denver and Castel rock everywhere we went people kept asking where I got my headband. I replied I made it, they quickly ask if I sell them. when I said no their always responded you should seell them. I'm always flattered when people tell they like my creations enough to buy them.

Shelly and Carroll.

Shelly is getting ready to, move to Organ with Mr. Carroll and Carroll's father this came as a suprise like everything Shelly dose. We will miss her and Carroll but send her off with much hope and love.