Thursday, February 21, 2013

A week of being spoiled!

Dale took all of last week off to spoil and pamper me but I think he wanted to spoil and pamper himself and that's ok he deserves it.

Here is just a few highlight of what we did.

We ate yummy food all week long this was a chicken fried corn on the cob. It was super tasty.

Had mannies and pedies

We ate some more .
Dale is such a stinker when it comes to taking pix.

Drove and talked a lot.

Was photo bommed by Jesus because we are just that good.

drank hot coco and talked some more.

We also had massages
went shopping
went to a movie
we were involved in a murder mystery
and took the kiddos out to Its.
I will write a little more about some of these adventures in there own post.

It was really one of the best weeks ever.
I love my hubby.

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  1. Sounds so fun, I need to convince my hubby to do that soon ;)