Monday, April 29, 2013

Pinewood Derby..

Saturday was our Ben's pine wood derby for cub scouts. 
This was Ben's first year he was so excited. He spent hours online finding the right car design for him.
His dad cut it out and Benny sanded it. I spray painted it and Dale helped Ben make an eagle decal to put on his car.
Dale found cool lights to add to the back of the car. The lights were a big hit.

Dale is the cub master and was in charge of the derby. He had a fun time doing it.

Dale and I were busy and for got to put graphite on Ben's wheels so that it would run faster it was a bummer because Ben's car was so slow.

We always joke that our boys cars run slow but always look good.

Ben had a fun time and that was our goal.
He cant wait until next year he said "next year we are going for speed not looks."

By the way his car looked super cool going down the track with the lights.

Until next year!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Fabulously Forty

April 23 I turned 40 !!
I have been waiting for this day for 5 years I think forty is an amazing age.
I have been teased a lot about becoming 40 but it dose not bother me at all I call it the fabulous years ..
So to celebrate my birthday I will share 40 things about me..

1. I am a dork and but not just any dork a diva dork..
2. I love to take selffies and this is crazy because 8 years a go I could not stand getting my picture being taken. 

3.I think best redeeming quality is that I a super positive.
4.I am also very honest sometimes too honest for my own good.
5. I love who I am and I think I am a wonderful person 
6. This goes with 5. I have tons self confidence.
7. I am a good swimmer.
8. I love to sing out loud in the house and in my car and with my family but not in public unless I am in church then I love to sing with the primary aged kids.

9. I love taco bell's cool ranch tacos.
10. I love sparkly pretty things they get me excited like a little kid.
11. I love being a mom
12. I love being a girl and all the perks it brings.
13. I hate being cold.
14. I love every thing to smell pretty it's an obsession I have to spray my sheets with pretty smells in order to sleep at night.
15. being a grandma is awesome!

16. I get dressed shower and put on my make up even if I feel like crap On the rare day I stay in my work out clothes they think I am sick and  get worried.
17. I know this is shocking I hate wearing shoes but if I have to wear them they better be darn cute.
18. I am a chocolate snob.

19.I am obsessed with sweat potato fries. I love them!!
20. I can not stand dishonest people.
I see spirits and can communicate with them. This gift use to scare me but now i love it.
21. I started taking ballroom dancing with dale and love it.

22. I love dressing in color it makes me happy.
23. I love wearing jewelry it makes me feel pretty and girly ..
24.I am a fabulous dresser and it makes me happy when people point that out.

25. I love cooking and baking gadgets.
26. I miss baking cakes in lower altitudes high altitude baking is for the birds..
27. I am very loyal friend.
28. I hate when my toe nails are naked.

29. I have been married to dale for more than half my life..

30. I have super dry skin I am so dry my skin is like a chalk board you can draw on with your finger nails..
31. growing up my bed room  had peach floral wall paper and my bedding was mint green. I am so glad those colors are in again . 

32. I spend 2 hours a day in the car driving kids around every day.

33.  Chicago mix (ceder cheeses and caramel popcorn ) is a weakness of mine.

34. C'ream brulee is my most favorite dessert.

35. I loved jury duty.. I was sad I was not picked. 

36. I have no grey hairs I know this because I am letting my natural hair color grow out. Plus I always ask my hair dresser.
37. I use to wish I had brown eyes or green eyes anything but blue eyes. After years of being told I had beautiful eyes I have come to love my blue eyes that are not really just blue they change with my mood and what I am wearing, sometimes they are grey sometimes aqua, When I cry they are the color of the sea.. 

38. My preferred hand some is bath and body fruit scents.
39. I love the sky when it is twilight it s the most stunning color of blue.
40. Last but not least I love my life and would not change a thing..

There you go 40 things about me

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bacon britttel! Say What?

For a Relief society activity for church we had a pintrest night.
We were asked to try some of the thing on our pintrest boards. 
I decided to try Bacon brittle along with some other things.
I thought it might be a pintrest fail but shockingly it was a hit.
I also learned I had 4,599 pins as of yesterday I added a 100 more I think I am an addict.

Here is the recipe.
9×13″ Baking Sheet
Room Temp Butter, just to coat the Baking Sheet
1 1/2 cups Sugar
1/2 cup Light Corn Syrup
3/4 cup cold Water
Pinch of Salt
1 lb Crispy and Crumbled Bacon
1 tsp. Vanilla Extract
1 tsp. Baking Soda
I dare you to try it..

Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Birthday to two of my favorite pepole.

Today is my beautiful daughter Mylissa she is 19 today. I cant belive how time flys. She is Amazeing, thoughtful, a good sister, funny, happy, spirtual, an artist, good with children, beautiful, a good listener, good cook, amazing friend, imaginative, spontaneous, creative, loving, a wonderful daughter, and a marvelous aunt.

It is also my father in laws 70th birthday. so I can name 70 things I love about him I won't. but I will say he is a fabulous wonderful amazing loving father in law.

Happy birthday you too..

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Start them young...

My little grandson loves books he loves to be read to. He looks at the pages and claps and gets excited. He coos while he is being read to.

My big boys were the same way they were little. I believe because we read constantly to them when they were little they all read young . Robbie was almost three when he started reading Ben was almost four and Garrett was four and a half. hi girls all started reading the summer before kindergarden. I am a firm believer in reading here children young I'm so glad my daughters doing this for Boone.