Friday, April 26, 2013

Fabulously Forty

April 23 I turned 40 !!
I have been waiting for this day for 5 years I think forty is an amazing age.
I have been teased a lot about becoming 40 but it dose not bother me at all I call it the fabulous years ..
So to celebrate my birthday I will share 40 things about me..

1. I am a dork and but not just any dork a diva dork..
2. I love to take selffies and this is crazy because 8 years a go I could not stand getting my picture being taken. 

3.I think best redeeming quality is that I a super positive.
4.I am also very honest sometimes too honest for my own good.
5. I love who I am and I think I am a wonderful person 
6. This goes with 5. I have tons self confidence.
7. I am a good swimmer.
8. I love to sing out loud in the house and in my car and with my family but not in public unless I am in church then I love to sing with the primary aged kids.

9. I love taco bell's cool ranch tacos.
10. I love sparkly pretty things they get me excited like a little kid.
11. I love being a mom
12. I love being a girl and all the perks it brings.
13. I hate being cold.
14. I love every thing to smell pretty it's an obsession I have to spray my sheets with pretty smells in order to sleep at night.
15. being a grandma is awesome!

16. I get dressed shower and put on my make up even if I feel like crap On the rare day I stay in my work out clothes they think I am sick and  get worried.
17. I know this is shocking I hate wearing shoes but if I have to wear them they better be darn cute.
18. I am a chocolate snob.

19.I am obsessed with sweat potato fries. I love them!!
20. I can not stand dishonest people.
I see spirits and can communicate with them. This gift use to scare me but now i love it.
21. I started taking ballroom dancing with dale and love it.

22. I love dressing in color it makes me happy.
23. I love wearing jewelry it makes me feel pretty and girly ..
24.I am a fabulous dresser and it makes me happy when people point that out.

25. I love cooking and baking gadgets.
26. I miss baking cakes in lower altitudes high altitude baking is for the birds..
27. I am very loyal friend.
28. I hate when my toe nails are naked.

29. I have been married to dale for more than half my life..

30. I have super dry skin I am so dry my skin is like a chalk board you can draw on with your finger nails..
31. growing up my bed room  had peach floral wall paper and my bedding was mint green. I am so glad those colors are in again . 

32. I spend 2 hours a day in the car driving kids around every day.

33.  Chicago mix (ceder cheeses and caramel popcorn ) is a weakness of mine.

34. C'ream brulee is my most favorite dessert.

35. I loved jury duty.. I was sad I was not picked. 

36. I have no grey hairs I know this because I am letting my natural hair color grow out. Plus I always ask my hair dresser.
37. I use to wish I had brown eyes or green eyes anything but blue eyes. After years of being told I had beautiful eyes I have come to love my blue eyes that are not really just blue they change with my mood and what I am wearing, sometimes they are grey sometimes aqua, When I cry they are the color of the sea.. 

38. My preferred hand some is bath and body fruit scents.
39. I love the sky when it is twilight it s the most stunning color of blue.
40. Last but not least I love my life and would not change a thing..

There you go 40 things about me

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