Thursday, May 30, 2013

The boy who would live outside

I love this not so little guy so much.
He always makes me laugh he has the best smile ever.
Now that it is summer he spends every waking moment outside.
Every day he ask if he can build a fort out back so he could live in it.
He also tells me often that he wish we were in our old house in Alaska because he misses his forest.
He loves climbing trees and loves his grandfathers tree he spends hours climbing it his grandpa made him a grappling hook he thinks it the coolest thing ever.

If he is not climbing trees or playing in the dirt he is swimming.
The boy is a fish..

Monday, May 27, 2013

Visiting William on Memorial Day

We had a beautiful Memorial day we went to Cheyenne to visit Williams grave.
It has been nice that we have been able to go the last 3 years. When we lived in Alaska we never got to visit Williams grave.
I am so glad that we are only 3 hours away. I know it is only the place where his earthly remains are but somehow every time I go to visit his grave I have peace for me it is tangible proof that he real I love seeing his name on his tomb stone.
William was buried at the foot of his great grandfather Wilderness grave they share a birth date. 
I know they are together along with so many family members who have passed before him and since.
I remember the day clearly when we decided to bury William at his grandfathers feet that it gave me comfort that he was not alone.
I know this may sound strange but to a grieving mother it just made since.
Some days it is hard for me to fathom that it's been 7 and a half years since I last held him in my arms other days It feel just like yesterday.
As the day he left his earthly home and took his last breath I new through the atonement of Jesus Christ we would be together again.
The phrase Family's Can be Together Forever brings be greater joy than before William died.
This phrase brings me comfort and peace and hope on hard days.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Meet little Stonewall

While I was with my parents in Rawillins Wyo. My husband and kids were in Cheyenne WY at Dales parents house.
Mylissa and Dale kept texting me pictures of a dog they wanted I was stern about not getting it. 
My last email I sent them I said I will meet the dog and if I love him I will see.

I was in Cheyenne for 20 mins when the kids said lets go meet the dog.
I said dad and I will go by our selves and I will see.
We got to the pet store and another family was playing with the dog I spied two little dorkies that I liked .
We went into the play room with the dorkies and I fell in love with a little guy I called Gorge he I soon realized he was super hyper. I new he would be a hand full I started holding his brother that had more of the Yorkie traits than the doxen traits I loved him but he was so timed and shy. 
The whole time the Chihuahua my kids and Dale liked was running around . I did not love him at first site but as I was holding the fury dorkie The Chihuahua jumped in my lap made his way to my chest and looked me in the eye. 
I picked him up and he snuggled in to the crook of my neck and I fell in love.
I new then in there he was ours.
We bought him but had no name for him everyone at the store kept saying Radar because his ears are so big.
It did not feel right Dale then said rocks or Rocky because of his freckled legs. 
That is when Stone came to me I smiled and said he is Stonewall. 
We Both just smiled and said yes He is Stonewall.

Stonewall is a family name It is Dales great grandfathers name and his brothers middle name .
It is also our Williams middle name.
We always intended to get a dog after William died and the time was never right until this weekend . 
I think it is fitting that we bought him the day before we visited Williams grave this Memorial day weekend.

Our kids love little Stoney as we call him he has brought us so much joy in such a short time.

My sister in law was quite smitten with him as well.

Here is his Radar ears.

It is fun to watch my husband love and snuggle this little guy.

Benny has his best buddy just like he has always wanted.

Madeline just loves him.

It is hard to imagine such a little guy can bring so much love and happiness to our family.
I am glad I went with the moment and got  Stoney.
 The rings of you are the best mom in the world constantly make me feel good.
It is hard to believe this little guy weighs the same amount as William was when he was born.
I cant help but think that William had his hand in picking Stonewall I like to imagine that he whispered to Stonewall jump in her lap and she will love you forever.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Three generation dinner

This weekend my parents picked me up and took me to see my brother in Wyoming and while we were there my Grandma cousin and Aunt came down to see us and have a quick dinner with us.
We took a quick picture before we said goodbye.
It was nice to see my grandma I love her and am glad I get to see her more often than I use to.

Friday, May 24, 2013

The end of 2012- 2013 school year

This was a super busy week
It started with Mylissas seminary graduation 
Seminary is a class our church offers during the high school years for students to learn more about the gospel.
Mylissa completed 4 years and graduated this year.
We are so proud of her.

Garrett is now a freshman in high school he graduated 8th grade this week.
It was fun watching the slide show presentation Garrett was in many of the pictures because of the many sports he is in it was fun seeing the pictures the coaches captured.
At the end of slide show there was a spot dedicated to couples it was a big surprise to see Garrett and his girl friend. He has denied for months that she existed and still tried to after I saw the proof. it was really funny to watch him turn all sorts of shades of red...

Thisis  a picture of me and Mylissa on the last day of school I am so happy to have a break from driving them to school each day.

Oh ya lets not for get Benny and his last day of school it was fun to see his family tree project that he had been working on for the last 3 months.

Goodbye 2012- 2013 school year I cant say I will miss you I already dread 2013-2014 school year.
Yes I am a strange mom that likes my kids home.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Family walks

We love taking nightly walks down to the fountain in our neighborhood.
It is so peaceful and we always have good conversations.
The kids love playing this game called quarter they jump in front of you bend down and yell quarter I am not sure what the game is all about but they have fun.
We love to see all the neighbors and what new projects they are working on.

Once we are at the fountain we love to stand and listen to water and watch all the people that are there we hang out and talk to our friends that are there or play a game of Frisbee. 
we have so much fun on our walks.

I am glad that my kids still like to be seen with us.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Meeting up with old friends

Just one of the reasons why I love face book I keep up with friends who live far away but when they are in town I know and we get to visit and have lunch.
This is my friend Sarah I met her when I lived in California about 9 years a go.
she is fun and loving and a little wild just how I like my friends.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

An author in the family

A big truck pulled up to our street and delivered 2100 books to our house.

Not just any book was in these boxes but a book that my husband wrote.
I really wanted to open a box before he got home but I was nice and let him do the honers.

He was so excited to see his book for the first time.
Our whole family was excited for him.

I cried when I saw the dedication.
Dale wrote of the adventurers William would have had if he was in Alaska with us.
It is a sweet bed time story .
Not only did Dale write the book but our amazingly talented daughter Rochelle illustrated it.

Along with the books we received posters a Banner invites and business cards.
On the 1st of June Dale will be having a book singing party.
This is an exciting time for our family.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A cute little french hen bag

The other day I was a little board so I decided to make a fun bag with some old fabric I had.

I find sewing therapeutic so when I am feeling overly stressed I take control by creating something.
All theses scraps turned into this cute and fun bag.

I call it my french hen bag I love how it turned out.

I added one of my fun burnt flowers for just the right touch.

After sewing this I remembered just how much I love to sew and have lots of other fun projects in the works my goal is to have all my Christmas sewing done by the time the kids go back to school.
Keep an eye out for what I am making next.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Caught in a Hail Storm

Saturday was beautiful so we decided to go biking and hiking.

We arrived at Fox run park unloaded the bikes and started our trek.

We started into the forest and all was well.

Mylissa , Garrett and I were walking and everyone else was on bikes.
Garrett was in a bad mood because his bike was not working right.
We were walking for 5 mins and we started to feel rain drops we kept walking for another 5 mins when we heard thunder.

Garrett got scared and started running.
Mylissa and I started laughing.

By the time we got to the car we were soaked and it was hailing.

I looked like a total drowned rat.
We all got back to the car and started home and then the sun came out again..

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Day

I had a wonderful Mothers day with my kids. My oldest girls called and sent cards and my kids still at home spoiled me rotten. I love being a mother. I am so blessed to be one 8 times over.. Being a mother in lawn is pretty cool too.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Family home evening fire side.

On Monday we have family home evening Dale or I or one of the kids will give a short lesson we sing songs and have a prayer.
This week we decided to use our little fire pit and have the lesson out side.
It was cold and windy but fun.

The kids enjoyed smores while Mylissa taught us a bout respect and kindness.

The kids loved the smores and for the moment were kind to one another.
We have been having issues with the way our kids speak to one another and it is driving me nuts. I have been very strick lately and giving no chances to the offending child.
I hope to break them of this habit soon.

Madeline was punished last night for arguing and trying to start a fight with Madeline Mylissa who normally goes off on Maddie was kind and did not raise her voice or belittle Madeline. I was very proud of Mylissa.
Madeline on the other hand had to do Mylissas chore and was very upset and said "I am so angry at you mother. "
I gently said I am angry too that you would speak so unkind and rude to your sister and bring disharmony to our family.
I hope she learned her lesson and I hope the other kids did too knowing that they will be doing their sibling chore if they speak rudely or unkind to them.

I do have one golden child when it comes to kindness Robbie he rarely raises his voice or gets caught up in the other siblings rudeness.
I am not saying he never fights with them it is just rare and justified on his part when he dose.
I wish more of my kids had his gentle spirit.

Along with mylissas lesson on kindness and respect her desire to be kinder to her siblings. She also spoke of her excitement of putting her mission papers in in December.
I cant believe we have such little time left with her.