Sunday, May 26, 2013

Meet little Stonewall

While I was with my parents in Rawillins Wyo. My husband and kids were in Cheyenne WY at Dales parents house.
Mylissa and Dale kept texting me pictures of a dog they wanted I was stern about not getting it. 
My last email I sent them I said I will meet the dog and if I love him I will see.

I was in Cheyenne for 20 mins when the kids said lets go meet the dog.
I said dad and I will go by our selves and I will see.
We got to the pet store and another family was playing with the dog I spied two little dorkies that I liked .
We went into the play room with the dorkies and I fell in love with a little guy I called Gorge he I soon realized he was super hyper. I new he would be a hand full I started holding his brother that had more of the Yorkie traits than the doxen traits I loved him but he was so timed and shy. 
The whole time the Chihuahua my kids and Dale liked was running around . I did not love him at first site but as I was holding the fury dorkie The Chihuahua jumped in my lap made his way to my chest and looked me in the eye. 
I picked him up and he snuggled in to the crook of my neck and I fell in love.
I new then in there he was ours.
We bought him but had no name for him everyone at the store kept saying Radar because his ears are so big.
It did not feel right Dale then said rocks or Rocky because of his freckled legs. 
That is when Stone came to me I smiled and said he is Stonewall. 
We Both just smiled and said yes He is Stonewall.

Stonewall is a family name It is Dales great grandfathers name and his brothers middle name .
It is also our Williams middle name.
We always intended to get a dog after William died and the time was never right until this weekend . 
I think it is fitting that we bought him the day before we visited Williams grave this Memorial day weekend.

Our kids love little Stoney as we call him he has brought us so much joy in such a short time.

My sister in law was quite smitten with him as well.

Here is his Radar ears.

It is fun to watch my husband love and snuggle this little guy.

Benny has his best buddy just like he has always wanted.

Madeline just loves him.

It is hard to imagine such a little guy can bring so much love and happiness to our family.
I am glad I went with the moment and got  Stoney.
 The rings of you are the best mom in the world constantly make me feel good.
It is hard to believe this little guy weighs the same amount as William was when he was born.
I cant help but think that William had his hand in picking Stonewall I like to imagine that he whispered to Stonewall jump in her lap and she will love you forever.

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  1. Absolutely adorable!!
    Welcome to the Wildervess Family, Stonewall!!