Thursday, May 16, 2013

An author in the family

A big truck pulled up to our street and delivered 2100 books to our house.

Not just any book was in these boxes but a book that my husband wrote.
I really wanted to open a box before he got home but I was nice and let him do the honers.

He was so excited to see his book for the first time.
Our whole family was excited for him.

I cried when I saw the dedication.
Dale wrote of the adventurers William would have had if he was in Alaska with us.
It is a sweet bed time story .
Not only did Dale write the book but our amazingly talented daughter Rochelle illustrated it.

Along with the books we received posters a Banner invites and business cards.
On the 1st of June Dale will be having a book singing party.
This is an exciting time for our family.

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