Friday, May 10, 2013

Family home evening fire side.

On Monday we have family home evening Dale or I or one of the kids will give a short lesson we sing songs and have a prayer.
This week we decided to use our little fire pit and have the lesson out side.
It was cold and windy but fun.

The kids enjoyed smores while Mylissa taught us a bout respect and kindness.

The kids loved the smores and for the moment were kind to one another.
We have been having issues with the way our kids speak to one another and it is driving me nuts. I have been very strick lately and giving no chances to the offending child.
I hope to break them of this habit soon.

Madeline was punished last night for arguing and trying to start a fight with Madeline Mylissa who normally goes off on Maddie was kind and did not raise her voice or belittle Madeline. I was very proud of Mylissa.
Madeline on the other hand had to do Mylissas chore and was very upset and said "I am so angry at you mother. "
I gently said I am angry too that you would speak so unkind and rude to your sister and bring disharmony to our family.
I hope she learned her lesson and I hope the other kids did too knowing that they will be doing their sibling chore if they speak rudely or unkind to them.

I do have one golden child when it comes to kindness Robbie he rarely raises his voice or gets caught up in the other siblings rudeness.
I am not saying he never fights with them it is just rare and justified on his part when he dose.
I wish more of my kids had his gentle spirit.

Along with mylissas lesson on kindness and respect her desire to be kinder to her siblings. She also spoke of her excitement of putting her mission papers in in December.
I cant believe we have such little time left with her.

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