Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Family Hike at the Air force acadamy

Saturday was just beautiful so we decided to go on a family hike at the Air force academy.
Before we started our hike we stretched a bit or in Maddie and Robbies case posed a bit.

I always love watching Dale and the big boys interacting their conversations are so funny and all boy.

I snuck in this shot just show I went too.
I have to say the one thing I hate about hiking is for some reason my fingers always swell and hurt so bad by the time we are done.
It happens when I run in the summer too if it's hot out.

The kids were on a rock in the shade and asked me to take a picture I love how it turned out. 

By the end of our hike Ben was hot so he took his shirt of to cool off.

He looked so cute walking along.

My favorite part of this hike is the view. It is so lovely and peaceful.
The trail is by the cadet leaving area I love that you can hear them  marching and singing about.
It makes me think that one day I will hiking and hear Garrett singing as a cadet.

I cant wait to go on many more hikes this year with the gang..
I hope we get to hike a lot this year..

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