Monday, April 29, 2013

Pinewood Derby..

Saturday was our Ben's pine wood derby for cub scouts. 
This was Ben's first year he was so excited. He spent hours online finding the right car design for him.
His dad cut it out and Benny sanded it. I spray painted it and Dale helped Ben make an eagle decal to put on his car.
Dale found cool lights to add to the back of the car. The lights were a big hit.

Dale is the cub master and was in charge of the derby. He had a fun time doing it.

Dale and I were busy and for got to put graphite on Ben's wheels so that it would run faster it was a bummer because Ben's car was so slow.

We always joke that our boys cars run slow but always look good.

Ben had a fun time and that was our goal.
He cant wait until next year he said "next year we are going for speed not looks."

By the way his car looked super cool going down the track with the lights.

Until next year!

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