Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Breckenridge part 1

A couple of weeks a go we took our first trip to Breckenridge CO.

We packed our things and left for a three day adventure.

As you can tell we are always goofy.

I love this shot because looks like the heavens are shinning on us.

Ok enough of the goofy faces and back to the trip.
So Breckenridge is about a 2 hour drive North of Colorado Springs up in the mountains it's a fun little ski town.
The kids were very excited about the trip because we did not have a summer vacation.
When we started our trip it was a beautiful sunny day.
We sang to the radio told jokes and funny stories we were having a blast.
I love road tripping it reminded me of many fond memory's of my youth and when my older girls were younger.

This first shot is us leaving the small town of Manitou  it's about 20 mins from our house. 
We learned later that night that the town had been flooded shortly after we left and the high way was closed and opened a few short hours before we got home.

I love the contrast between the blue of the sky the white clouds and the green from the trees.
I really enjoyed the drive I must have taken a million pictures.

Mr. Stony enjoyed the ride too snoozing on my lap.

We stopped in a small little town  to let Stony go potty and to eat a little lunch.
As you can tell the sky was starting to change.

After getting back on the road from our pit-stop it started to rain.
We were about 20 miles from Breckenridge.

Then it started hailing and snowing  all these cars started pulling over because it was thick and slippery and we were on a mountain pass.
We did not stop because we have a  4 wheel drive and Dale is a very experienced at driving in the snow.
The driver in front of the jeep did not have 4 wheel drive and was defiantly not experienced at driving in the snow.
He was swerving all over the road he finally pulled over and when we passed him he had Texas plates. We just snickered.

As we kept driving in the snow we were laughing that this was our summer vacation.

Only the Wilderness family would go to where it is snowing for a summer vacation. You know we just missed Alaska is all.

As we got past the summit pass it was just raining instead of snowing.

We got in Breakinridge and I fell in love it is a beautiful old world looking town it reminded me of the town I grew up in in Germany.

As we were driving to the condo we were staying in I kept seeing these pink flowers and I thought to myself gee these look like fire-weed a flower that is native to Alaska I thought it only grew there.
I was so excited to see it I love fire weed.

After we were settled in the condo we went to explore Brek as the locals call it we went to a fun restaurant called Eric's down stairs. 
It had a sports bar feel but was very family friendly with  an arcades.
Mylissa was having fun taking pictures with maddie.
Ben asked if I would take a picture of him and Maddie tried getting in the shot and he was a little upset about it and tried pushing her away.
The shot is blury but I love it.

I took one of him with the flash opps but I love his smile even tho the picture is to bright.

I was laughing when I took this one because he grabbed Maddie and said now we can take one together.
Yeah look how great it turned out then my phone died.

This was the beautifull view driving back up the mountain to the condo.
Just breath taking.
After we got back to the condo we went in the hot tub and then watched a movie and went to bed. 
Part two to come.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Getting ready for back to school.

When my kids were little I could not wait for the day they were all in school.
I dreamed of all the things I could get done my hose would be clean, I would have lunch with friends maybe get a part time job or maybe I would just sit around watch movies and eat naughty foods I would not let my kids eat.
These are the things I dreamed of.
Now that it's my reality I hate that they are all in school all day. I love that they are learning and having fun and socializing I just miss them.

This year I put  getting everything  for school until the very last minute summer went way to fast for me.
I was so sad when I had to take Maddie to her school to get her locker and check her classes out.

She is getting way to big I cant believe she is in 7th grade this year.
The onlything that truly made me happy about back to school was shopping with her.
You should see her back to school wardrobe it is every 7th grade girls dream. jewelry  and shoes to die for plus her clothes (scream)  so awsome.

We had a lot of fun pairing up everything.

Garrett is a mighty Freshman this year hard to believe because he looks like a senior.
I am so glad he has his best buddy to show him the ropes .
Robbie had fun checking in with him.
I am so glad these two boy's are so close.
Makes my heart smile:)
Ok just a week until school starts.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A little randomness

I just recovered sweet potato chips they are so supper yummy I love to eat them with my favorite black bean salad.

I love this set of bracelets they make me smile when ever I wear them.

Our Stony dog we sure love him.

My  little lissa Mae she sure is stunning.
As she gets older everyone keeps telling us we look a like and it is true she looks the most like me out of all my children.
I just wish I was as skinny and beautiful as she is.

Lego's what else can I say ally my kids love them.
Even the big ones.

Felling sassy while running errands.

My two little boys fast asleep.
PS I love this blanket it was Williams my sister made it for him and Benny loves snuggling in it.

While Dale and the boy's were gone he Ben was excited to be the King or Man of our house.
I guess that also included sleeping on Dales side of the bed.

Friday, August 9, 2013

I like to look for rainbows

I just had to share this picture it was the most lovely rainbow I have ever seen.
In the picture you can only see the two rainbow but there were three. 
This was the first time I had ever seen a triple rainbow. 
I love rainbows they make everything in the world seem better somehow.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Grape Jelly meat balls

Honestly when I heard about Grape jelly meatballs I gagged a bit.
After hearing everyone rave about them I decided to give it a try.
I loved them I mean really loved them.
They good  flavor and were super moist .
Beside meatballs they have 2 ingredients.
Yep that's right just 2 ingredients

1 12 oz of grape jelly (  I used welshes)
1 18oz jar of  Heinz chili sauce  (yep chili sauce found by the ketchup)
1 2lb bag of meatballs  Or make your own (I like the Walmart brand Home style )

Now that you have every thing you need to blend the chili cause and grape jelly together in a bowl.
You will need to put the meatballs in a crock pot then add the Jelly chili sauce mixture to the meatballs.
Cook on low for 3 to 3 hours.
You can serve with rice as a meal or alone with tooth pix for an appetizer.

Seriously they were super yummy and my kids loved them despite the weird ingredients.
I think next time I make these I will try other jelly's or instead of chili sauce I might try BBQ sauce.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The girls!

While Dale was in Alaska and the boy's were at camps's us girls ate junk food hung out watched chick flicks and had fun together.
My girls are slowly leaving the nest and Mylissa will be next.
I am grateful that Miss Madddie cat is 7 years younger than Mylissa and my second to youngest.
I will at least have her to shop wit, watch chick flicks and eat junk food with a little longer.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A week full of camp's

Last week all my boy's went camping I was a little sad because I did not go with any of my boy's and there for would have no pictures. of their adventures which leads me to wonder why I did not send them with a camera . (Duh)

Because I am blessed with amazing friends I have a few pictures of my boy's at Camp.
Thanks Jennifer and Sandy.

Benny went to Cub day camp take 2 (their first one was interrupted by the black Forest fire.)
I love this picture of Benny shooting an arrow. He loves the out doors and want's to be like Bear Grills when he is older.
Just this morning he was watching Man VS Wild and said when my stash (mustache) comes in I will be able to have my first Man VS Wild trip.
Lets hope he 30 before he gets his first stash.
He just read what I wrote and said " mom I will get My first stash when I am 14" Oh dear.

Garrett and Robbie went to scout camp for a full week Monday - Saturday.
The boy's went white water rafting, hiking ,fishing , repelling and had all sorts of adventures.
I was impressed with their planing as Garrett said to me it was a mostly boy's ran camp.
I know for a fact that their leaders  and scout comity members spent many hours and month's planning with them. I am so grateful for these men and WOMEN that love these boy's so much.
Garrett and Robbie both boasted about how the leaders made it so much fun and they learned a lot from each one of them.

{Garrett and his group.}
The two big thing's Garret came away with from camp was to always be prepared and always listen to the spirit.

{Robbie and his group}
Robbie was his patrol leader .
Robbie is a little on the quite side and is happy to go with the flow he never makes waves you might not think as a leader but as I and many others learned he is amazing leader and leads with the spirit.
I am so proud of him