Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Getting ready for back to school.

When my kids were little I could not wait for the day they were all in school.
I dreamed of all the things I could get done my hose would be clean, I would have lunch with friends maybe get a part time job or maybe I would just sit around watch movies and eat naughty foods I would not let my kids eat.
These are the things I dreamed of.
Now that it's my reality I hate that they are all in school all day. I love that they are learning and having fun and socializing I just miss them.

This year I put  getting everything  for school until the very last minute summer went way to fast for me.
I was so sad when I had to take Maddie to her school to get her locker and check her classes out.

She is getting way to big I cant believe she is in 7th grade this year.
The onlything that truly made me happy about back to school was shopping with her.
You should see her back to school wardrobe it is every 7th grade girls dream. jewelry  and shoes to die for plus her clothes (scream)  so awsome.

We had a lot of fun pairing up everything.

Garrett is a mighty Freshman this year hard to believe because he looks like a senior.
I am so glad he has his best buddy to show him the ropes .
Robbie had fun checking in with him.
I am so glad these two boy's are so close.
Makes my heart smile:)
Ok just a week until school starts.

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