Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A week full of camp's

Last week all my boy's went camping I was a little sad because I did not go with any of my boy's and there for would have no pictures. of their adventures which leads me to wonder why I did not send them with a camera . (Duh)

Because I am blessed with amazing friends I have a few pictures of my boy's at Camp.
Thanks Jennifer and Sandy.

Benny went to Cub day camp take 2 (their first one was interrupted by the black Forest fire.)
I love this picture of Benny shooting an arrow. He loves the out doors and want's to be like Bear Grills when he is older.
Just this morning he was watching Man VS Wild and said when my stash (mustache) comes in I will be able to have my first Man VS Wild trip.
Lets hope he 30 before he gets his first stash.
He just read what I wrote and said " mom I will get My first stash when I am 14" Oh dear.

Garrett and Robbie went to scout camp for a full week Monday - Saturday.
The boy's went white water rafting, hiking ,fishing , repelling and had all sorts of adventures.
I was impressed with their planing as Garrett said to me it was a mostly boy's ran camp.
I know for a fact that their leaders  and scout comity members spent many hours and month's planning with them. I am so grateful for these men and WOMEN that love these boy's so much.
Garrett and Robbie both boasted about how the leaders made it so much fun and they learned a lot from each one of them.

{Garrett and his group.}
The two big thing's Garret came away with from camp was to always be prepared and always listen to the spirit.

{Robbie and his group}
Robbie was his patrol leader .
Robbie is a little on the quite side and is happy to go with the flow he never makes waves you might not think as a leader but as I and many others learned he is amazing leader and leads with the spirit.
I am so proud of him

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  1. Thanks for sharing Jen. I am about to become an empty nester :(