Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Random pix that made me laugh..

I was looking at some of my old files on my computer and found a file with some random pictures.
In a lot of them I am not sure what I was thinking when we got dressed that day and in others They just made me laugh. and others made me say awe.

Two things strike me in this picture a what an ugly purse B. Robbie needs a hair cut.

I love how we are all smiling and made is throwing a fit and Ben is just chilling.

Don't you just love my trailer trash drag queen look.

Maddie and I must have both been sleepy here.
I honestly think I had not slept for 5 days in this pic.
Maybe that will explane the crazy pajama pants.

I love this retro's 80 picture of Dale and his sister Deb.
Can you believe Dale use to have this much hair.

What can I say about this one other then what was I thinking?
I know this was for a date night scavenger hunt but really what was I thinking?
And that's as much as I am going to embarrass myself today.

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