Sunday, July 28, 2013

Joe's Crabs Shack

 I love this picture of My sister in law and Garrett

If you can't tell by my sister in law's bib and my title we went to Joe's Crab Shack on Saturday
It was a first for me.
The rest of the gang have gone a few times.

As you can tell by my fathers in laws smile he loves the place.

My mother in law too.
She is always asking to go so when we are deciding to go somewhere to eat.
It;s on the other side of town and we just never get around to going there when she is in town.
It was a no brainier that we would eat there when we saw that  it was across the street from Barns and Nobel.

Ben wined a lot when he realized we were eating here.
He hates sea food he was happy to find out they served hamburgers.

Evidently when you order crab legs they give you a bib and write a cute saying on it.
The waiter ask sweetly  if he can put the bib on of course the unsuspecting person says yes.
Deb's said best legs in town except she did not know that anything was written we were all giggling.
She new something was up so I took a picture to show her she was thrilled with what the bib said.
She really dose have great legs.

Dale was starving after spending most of the day signing books I really cant believe how much he ate.
At Joe's they have big servings.
He had something called the big platter or something like that it had hush puppies, fish , lot's of different kinds of shrimp and crab cakes.

I tottaly forgot to take a pic of me and my yummy coconut shrimp it was very yummy.
It has taken me a long time to learn to like sea food 6 years a go you would have never caught me going to a place like Joe;s
I am not sure if I will wan't to go again any time soon it's kinda pricey but it was funand the food and company were good.

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