Saturday, July 27, 2013

Books signing and reading.

Dale had a book signing and reading today at Barnes and Nobel. 

It was cute listing to read and hearing what the little ones had to say.

I had to sneak some fun pictures in  of some of the Wilderness men.
I love Ben's ch easy smile.

Dales father had these lovely lavender shirts made for Dale with his name and the book 's titels.
They make him look very professional and brings out his beautiful blue eyes.

It was nice that is friend Katie stopped by she was sweet and bought a few books.

Dale had a successful day and sold a good amount of books.
He leaves for Alaska tomorrow for gets book signing tour there.
I am jealous that he gets to see Boone.
To bad I had to stay home this time but I need to stay and  do the fun mommy stuff like celebrate Ben's 9th birthday with him..

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  1. what?? he wrote a book?? tell me more!! (I probably will find a post about it later...but in case I don't, I need to know!)