Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rainy day

It rained pretty much all morning and afternoon.
It was super foggy in the morning I just wanted to sleep because my teeth are still in a lot on pain.
I had to get up and get dressed and march myself down to the Air force Academy"s hospital to get the boys Boy scout physicals papers they needed to day..
I went in June and had the physicals done had all the paper work done and was proud that I had done something months in advance instead of last minute.
Well my darn boys lost the papers that I thought were turned in.
So for two weeks I have been calling to try and get the paper work all I would here is someone would call you.
I waited and waited and never got a call back after calling three times I finally got a different person and he said well why did she not tell you to go to  outpatient records they will print them up for you. GRRRR.
I really wanted to scream really it was that simple and easy.
The girl that kept telling me my PMC's nurse will call me is a stink head. I have still never gotten a call.

Why did I just tell you this whole story ?
To explain why I am wearing a sequence top with my pajama bottoms.
Yes I came home got in my warm jamma bottoms and laid around and was lazy but at least I had some style .

I still cant eat so yummy sweat potato soup it is . I really miss real food.

Ben and Maddie got creative while they were stuck inside in the rain.
They made things from cardboard. 
It kept them quite and happy for hours.

To say the least Ben and Maddie were happy with their creations.
I thought they were creative and fun and enjoyed not hearing I am bored.

I enjoyed the coolness the rain brought and the moister we are in a drought after all.
All this rain is making my yard look great.

The other good thing about the rain is that these guys had to stop making noise for the day.
I hate have construction going on a cross the street. 
The machines are up making noise at 6.:45 drives me nuts.
Well that was our rainy day:)


  1. Is it going to be a house across the street, or a park!! I vote for a large park!!

    1. Jenny it is more houses I am hoping for a park too. The nice part is it will make a strait road to the pool.