Sunday, November 2, 2014

Breckenridge getaway

While everyone was at school and having Haloween fun I was packing up our thing to go on vacation for a week. 
We have a few timeshares in breckenridge it's our week to go to Grandtimber. We love that it is only 2 hours away but seems like you are in another country. 
When the boys got home from school we packed the car and drove off.
We got into breckenridge just in time to go trick or treating.
The moon was super cool ,
After trick or treating we came back to the lodge and I had my Haloween treat . 
My giant jetted tub is the one thing I miss about my Alaska home . 
So far our vacation has been fun and happy! 
I will write more as the week unfolds.

Friday, October 31, 2014

A little pre-Halloween fun!

I love Halloween it's one of my favorite holiday! I love to decorate, make costumes and dress up for Halloween. 
This is as spooky as I get. I am more of a cute decorater. 
This is the family room.

Here is some more.

Last year I made mummy eat loaf for dinner.
This year we will be traveling for Halloween so yesterday we had jack o' lantern pizza and. Made a barfing pumpkin.

Last night we also had a fall festival for church.

Ben, dressed as a morph Robbie as Davey Crocket and Madeline a kitty cat. 

I was a witch.
 Dale was a pirate as usual.( I really did not get any good shots of him.)

I had a lot of fun at the party with my fellow witches. 

Hopefully we will have just as much fun on Haloween. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Nature in the city!

Yesterday we decided to go for a hike we stopes at this park in the city called Palmer  Park ( for locals it's on Mazeland off if Acaddamey) when you drive up there a ball park and a dog park. When you drive a little further you see these great rocks and trails . 

We started out in a trail and then adventured off trail to climb rocks. 

My kids loved climbing and exploring. 

 Dale and I

Maddie climbing the rock above me

Maddie kept asking me to take pictures of her this is my favorite.
MR. Stony and I. Last but not least my favorite picture of the day. 

I love this picture not only because it's a great shot but because I did not have to coax anyone to take it infact it was Dales idea. Honestly I could not have been more happy with this shot. 
I love my family and I love photographing our life.  This week I plan on taking lots if pictures we have lots of fun things going on with Halloween being Friday!
Now let's just hope I can come up with a costume for me:)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hold on for dear life the Wilderness boys are driving!

Robbie and Garrett got their driver permits in the mail Sauterday. They are both excited to be on the road and driving. 

 I on the other hand am not so excited,
This is just one of the many crazy faces I am sure I make while the boys are driving. 

The boys had to go to driving school because of Colorado state laws.   also have  to log in 50 hours  of driving 10 of them at night. 

With that being said Dale and I have to be with them while they drive. I never had to drive with my older girls while they were learning so this is new for me. 
To say the least this makes me nervous.  

I think I might brake the handel thingy in my truck for holding on for dear life. 

All comedy aside the boys are pretty good drivers one is more natural than the other  but they are both doing great! 
Once they are free to drive on their own my life will be much easier. So untill then I will be holding on tight.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What a difference a year makes.

A year a go today I had a tumor and my right thyroid taken out. I am not going to lie the surgery was hard in me emotionally . I cried a lot through this prosses I was worried that the tumor was cancerous and hated the fact that I was going to have a scar. 

Yes I am just a little vain. Ok maybe a lot. 
lathe first time I saw my scar when the tape was off I sobbed . 

I tried to avoid the looking at it and kept it covered with scarfs. Beyond the scar my body was haveing a hard time to adjusting to only having one thyroid. 
I was emotional all the time I was hot then cold because the thyroid controls our body tempature. I have gained weight and can't seem to lose it. Now a year layer I am finally feeling normal again. 

The scar that bothered me and put me in tears is barely noticeable. It's amazing what time and healing can do. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

A walk in the Garden of the Gods

Dales parents and sister were in town so we decided to go to the Garden of the Gods. Dales family had not been there in 20 years. So off we went. 

Trying to get this groups picture is kinda a joke but i did what I could.

Just keeping it real here no staged pictures for this family. 

I am not sure why Ben is frowning here he asked for the picture. I do love how the sun is shining on them majking little rainbows. These two are rays if joy and sunshine in my life even if they constantly fight.

My sister in law and I. She has been one if my best friends for almost 30 years. 

The one thing everyone encluding me love the red rocks at the garden of the gods. Ben and Robbie love clubbing the rocks. 

We brought MR Stony along with us he had fun sniffing and peeing on everything.

Dale and I did our usual foot pop kiss picture. 

My inlaws are so cute next week they will celebrate their 51st anivsery. 

Last but not least I love this silly shot if Mylissa and I. 
    I love my family so much they are all getting so big soon they all will be leaving the nest. Right now I am enjoying every moment with them.