Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter eggs

This is sad to admit that it's been a long time since we died Easter eggs. we decided that we needed to make  holidays a little more fun for Ben and bring the magic back. My older kids been good sports in doing the  old traditions we did when they were little for holidays so that Ben can have a taste of what they had growing up.

At the movies

The other day we take the kids to go see the Guardians at the Dollar 50 theater. It was an okay movie in the kids seem to like it. I fell asleep a few times. I love going to the movies with the kids in seeing the wonderment in their eyes. Plus it was a fun and cheap Spring Break activity.

chocolate dipping chicks

We decided to dip peeps in chocolate decorate them with pretty sprinkles. They were super yummy and the kids I love them.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

It's all about Ben.

*This post will be Benny over kill Just a warning.*

Mr. Benny sick right before spring break we spent all day cuddling on the couch I loved every moment of the time we spent together. I miss him during the day.

Mr. Benny loves his computer time while he is on the computer he loves to rock out to the Beatles.

Ben had parent teacher conferences the before spring break I was fully expecting to hear he was young for his age and needed to be held back.
Instead I heard that Ben was advanced and that he is a delight to have in class, all his class mates love him . I also learned he was the class comedy act.
He is a funny boy and we love that part of him.

About a year a go we were in the car and Ben randomly asked mom can I grow a  mustache I said sure. I the hear him say yes i looked back and see him closing his eyes and holding his breath. I said what are you doing? He smiled and said growing a mustache. It was so cute.
Since then all he talks about is his mustache and how he is getting a few whiskers and how he cant wait to grow a full mustache.
He was bummed the other day when he saw that Garrett grew one before he did.

Mylissa made Benny a Jake hat from a cartoon he watches he is so in love with this hat he wears it all the time.

Mr. Ben received his Wolfe rank in scouts at the last pack meeting he was so excited.
He also received 11 belt-loops one gold arrow and 2 slivers.
We were so proud of him.
We sure do love our Benny boy.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Good Hair Day!

My hair has been a sore point with me latley. I feel it just looks frumpy. I am growing out my layers and color and its driving me nuts. So when I have a good hairday I celebrate.

I love my man..

Dales birthday was on the 11th of March. He had the day off so we spent it hanging out together. It was a laid back and fun day. His parents came out over the weekend to spend time with us. So we took Dale out for diner at Tucanos.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Inspiration wall

In our family room we have a wall next to the TV it's filled with inspirational quotes. I love this wall it makes me happy.