Friday, November 29, 2013

15 candles

Time is flying by so fast I can't believe Garrett is 15 it seems like just yesterday he was a snuggley sweet baby. 

Now he is this giant boy that wants to grow up faster than I want him to. He is smart and wants to get through school as fast as he can. For Christmas he asked us to pay for a geometry class so next school year he can take higher math class. He has hopes of getting an early acceptance to the sir force academy where he will get an enginering degree and fly A-10's. I keep telling him to slow down and enjoy being young while he can. He is such a good boy I am so glad he is a part of our family. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Surprise grandma.

There is nothing I like better than a a good surprise. The other night we had just said prayers kissed the kids and put  them to bed,10 mins later the door bell rings I thought who would ring the door bell at. 9 o'clock at night. Dale went to answer it and said " Jenn you got to see this." Standing at the door was my beautiful daughter and my wonderful son in law holding my amazing grand son Boone. 

I was so so excited everyone came running down the stairs to see what the ruckus was. The kids were all excited to see their sister , brother  in law and of course baby Boone:) 

I love and miss my sweet daughter and her family so much Alaska is way to far. 
I am so proud of her and Fan they are great parents and good examples to their siblings. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The scar.

I am not going to lie seeing part of my scar for the first time was traumatic. I new it would be hard but I was not ready for the rush of feelings that came over me. Sadness, anger and vanity were some. I know some people are thinking it's no big deal it's just a scar but it is my scar and it was a big deal to me. 

A week after I took this picture the rest of the stere strips came off revealing my whole scar. 

I stated at my scar for a while trying register what I was looking at. I thought to myself not so bad right? Yes I told my self not so bad until I realized it was not a strait line. I know as silly as it sound it bugged me that it was not straight. Hopefully in time my scar will fade and no longer bug me. Yes I know I should and I am greatful that it was not cancer. 

Halloween 2013

Here was the Wilderness family Halloween in pictures! Enjoy