Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hold on for dear life the Wilderness boys are driving!

Robbie and Garrett got their driver permits in the mail Sauterday. They are both excited to be on the road and driving. 

 I on the other hand am not so excited,
This is just one of the many crazy faces I am sure I make while the boys are driving. 

The boys had to go to driving school because of Colorado state laws.   also have  to log in 50 hours  of driving 10 of them at night. 

With that being said Dale and I have to be with them while they drive. I never had to drive with my older girls while they were learning so this is new for me. 
To say the least this makes me nervous.  

I think I might brake the handel thingy in my truck for holding on for dear life. 

All comedy aside the boys are pretty good drivers one is more natural than the other  but they are both doing great! 
Once they are free to drive on their own my life will be much easier. So untill then I will be holding on tight.

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