Friday, July 26, 2013

Ice cream social:) & dry socket:(

One of the fun things our neighborhood dose is have monthly ice cream social.
Each month there is a theme last month was smores this month was floats .
Cold stones sponsors it so not only do we have yummy ice cream it's from one of the best  ice cream places around.

My kids look forward to this each month.

See how happy they are!

I was there too but I was grumpy and sick from dry socket.
I went to the car and pouted I was in a lot of pain and my dentist office was closed so I could not get my tooth medicated.
While I was in the car pouting I got a surprise knock on the window it was my dentist. 
He was very kind and was sorry I was in pain he offered to let me go to the office on his day off at 7:00 at night to get my tooth packed.
I told him I would be ok until the morning .
He then told me about the magic clove oil that would help the pain.
I really have the best dentist in the world.
I also should have called him early on in the day and got relief sooner.
I  was being silly by not wanting to bug him on his day off.
Anyhoo lesson learned call my dentist and don't be stubborn when in pain.

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