Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Contagious. ( not for the faint at heart.

Ben told me he had little bumps that were itchy nothing new at our house when it comes to Ben he as severe eczema and we are use to him have secondary issues from it. 
When I looked at it I was shocked at how red his knee was and how fast it was spreading.
I took him to the ER and after 2 DR. looking at it before they came to the concision that it was a form of Herpes. 
Wrestlers get it often when they wrestle it only spreads by contact and is very contagious.. 
Ben is not in wrestling so we ruled that out. 
The only place we could think that he would have gotten it from is the pool. 
It is the only place he wears shorts at.
The DR, gave him meds and it cleared up in three days.

I was very upset that Ben could get such a nasty disease  from going to the pool. 
It makes me mad that parents or teenagers are going to the pool with this. Yes I am aware that maybe they were unaware they had it but it still makes my tummy sick.

I am just so greatful that we have medical insurance and good DR that took good care of Ben.

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