Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bald for Bucks

Robbie decided to do bald for bucks this year at his high school.
It is a program there school started along with pinnies for patients that most schools do every February.
I know every where we have lived this has gone on in the schools.
At Rampart they take it one step further and get donations from there pears and teacher then shave their heads at the end of February in a big assembly.
this year the money went to the make a wish program they made enough money so that 30 wishes could be fulfilled.
A young lady who's wish was fulfilled by the Rampart students spoke it was touching and brought tears to my eyes.
There were many stories shared by teachers students and staff of their fight with cancer and other illness.
I was so greatfull that I was there and witnessed such amazing acts of genorasity from these tee aged kids.
I had a very special moment that I will share later.

If you know Robbie you know he loves his hair.
Why not he has beautiful hair.
We let him keep it on the longer side because he looks good and he takes care of it.
Today Robbie had to go to the hospital for a cat scan for his chest deformity 
he has been having issueswithit lately and in his last x ray they saw something .
Robbie know how illness can effect you and make you different from others.
He thought he would miss the assembly today because of the Cat scan but as luck would have it we got in early it took only a few moments.
We got to the school just as everything was starting so I decided to stay. 
I am Glad I did.

Here is Robbie as he was going into the school.

I took this shot as the first cuts started.
I just love his smile.

He has his I am a cool teenager look going on.

Here he is bald like his daddy.
This in fact reminded me of pictures that were taken when Dale was in basic getting his head shaved.

These next two shots were of the kids waiting to cut off all there hair.
As you can see they were mostly boys but you can see some long blond hair with pink tips.
Yes girls went bald too.
I cried when I saw their scarafice these were beautiful girls with long hair that they not only shaved but gave to locks of love.
The joy on the girls faces was priceless.
What an amazing gift they gave.
I was really sad after watching this that I would not let Mylissa do this.
I thought she would regret it.
I just let her raise money but not shave her head.

I was able to snap this cool picture of just some of the hair that was shaved off today.

I am so glad that Robbie did this.
I know he will miss his hair but it was for a good cause.

Now for my sweet moment.
As I was listing to the stories of survivors and those who did not survive there cancer hart defects, and other diseases.
I looked down at my phone and a picture of William was on my screen.
My only exsplnation for it being there was that it was a message for Robbie from William letting him know that his little brother was watching him from above and was very proud.


  1. Thanks for making me cry there are the end!!! Your children are beautiful, on heaven, on earth, with hair and without!

  2. I've been planning to get my hair cut to donate my hair. However, I may have missed my chance because I heard they don't accept hair with grey in it and I'm starting to get grey hair! BOO.