Sunday, February 24, 2013

12 things about Madeline

1. Madeline was born at Travis Air force base in California she is our youngest girl and our 6th child.

2. Madeline is kind, honest, fair, fun beautiful full of laughter, a good friend, Aunt and sister and  a wonderful daughter.
3. Madeline has the best smile.
4. She loves stuffed animals and going to build a bear.
5. Mr.s Maddie loves her family when she was in the hospital when she was born she cried a lot I thought she had colic or something. When her siblings came to see her she quit crying and started cooing she looked at each of them and I swear she smiled. After her siblings left she started crying again she cried until we took her home the next day and never really cried again. 
she loves being with her family.
6. Madeline has some learning disabiltys that were discovered by an amazing kindergarten teacher.
She struggles with learning it dose not come easy for her. she will come home form school and study for hours for test and it takes her longer than the average kid to do her home work, yet she as all A's and B's and is on the honer roll.
She amazes me with her study and work ethics.

7. Madeline is a princess since the day she was born we have called her Princess Maddie Cat.
She has always loved to dress like a princess and when she was in pre-school and kindergarten she would sneak her princess outfits to school and when I would leave she would go in the bathroom and change into them.
One day she did not know I was staying when she walked out of the bathroom I hear doo doo to doo the princess has arrived she was dressed in her Cinderella outfit including her shoes jewelry and crown all her classmates and teachers clapped and bowed{ I kid you not.}
I on the other hand just about died.
This is when I learned  hat this happened almost every day.
8. Maddie is so good with little kids she loves to play with them, teach them,read to them. she is a good little babysitter and gets asked all the time to babysit.
She is going to be an amazing mom one day.

9.Madeline loves to eat she is always asking me to make something yummy.
10. Maddie has boys ask her out all the time they bring her gifts and write her poems when ever this happens she always is kind t and says ask me on a date when I am 16.
Madeline has an amazing understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
She clevis unto it's teachings .
She understands the resurrection better than most adults.
She will be awesome in young women.
11. Madeline loves to draw and gets better and better at it every day. her favorite thing to draw is clothes and shoes she wants to be in the fashion industry when she grows up.
( there is no doubts she my daughter)

12.Madeline is so very beautiful inside and out.
When she was a baby I was always told  by strangers , the kids teaches and friends that she is one of the most beautiful baby' they had ever seen.
I think it is because the light of Christ shown through her eyes. 
I still get told form the friends family teachers, and strangers how beautiful she is. 
Maddie knows she is beautiful too but she is never vain about it.
I still think what makes her such a beautiful young women is that she still has the light of Christ in her.

I love you Maddie Cat Happy 12th birthday.

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