Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Playing with Glama and Grandpa

Last week I was watching Carroll while his mom was running errands.
He loves my jewelry and always wants it. 
It is really cute how excited he gets when I come into his sight after I get dressed for the day.
He looks at me with wonderment reaches out for me and gets so excited when I pick him up.
He then looks at my head my neck my ears and my wrist to see what I am wearing. 

He claps then decides witch piece of jewelry would taste the best and grabs for it.
It is absulutly darling.
This day I was wearing a pearl head hand and he kept grabbing for it so I put it on his head.
I dont think he liked it much.

The one thing Carroll loves almost as much as Glamas jewels is Grandpa's tools.

He loves watching grandpa put things together.

After he watches Grandpa fix things he attacks and wrestles with him like the big boys do.
It is so dang cute.

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