Monday, December 30, 2013

8 Years

8 years a go today I held William in my arms for the last time as he took his last breath.

The moment of his death was sad and the hardest thing I hope I will ever have to endure it was also such a beautiful spirtal moment. I often look back in awe at how strong I was. I also wonder where did that amazing strong girl go. Once in a while I will get glimpses of her and smile with pride. 
Williams phycal presents may be gone from the earth but I am blessed to feel his spirt around me often. I am so gratefull for those tender mercys from a loveing Heavenly Father. 

I often think about how amazing, tender and sweet our reunion will be. I am so greatful for the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life and the knowledge and blessings I gain from being a member of the church. 

I love and miss you Sir William untill we meet again.


  1. We are all strengthened by you, Jennifer!! This will always be a day I remember as well.

  2. That strong girl is still right there looking back at you in the mirror. It's just not obvious to you, because over the years you have grown used to her. ;) You are one amazing gal, and I love you to pieces. You have been an amazing example to me and so many others. Thanks for not ever giving up!

  3. Thinking of you and your family. Thankful for faith because you are right - you will be reunited. ((HUGS))