Sunday, December 29, 2013

Far out 70s party

Last night was my cute friend Kim's 40th birthday party. Her family threw her a fun 70s themed party. There was lava lamps great music fun video clips from the 70s and yummy food. We also played let's make a deal where Dale won a life time supply of green jello and a pet rock. 

I think the best part was dressing up. 
I went to the thrift store and found this cute number and it's funny that Dale found everything he wore in his closet. When I first saw Dale dressed up I almost wet my pants. He looked like he stepped out of the 70s he looke Dyamite!

After Dale and I took a few pictures I grabbed Kim to to take some with. 
{warning you will die laughing when you see some if these pictures }

I am not sure what happened but Kim and I looked like midgets. 

Here we look like our normal selves. 
 I guess my lack of being photogenic shined last night I looked like a total crazy woman in these next few pix. 

This last shot cracked me up Heather and Kim look adorable and I look nine months pregnant. 
Heather was sweet and blamed it on the angel I was standing and my skirt. Let's just say this was the motivation I needed to loose 15 lbs and work out every day. 

I really could not believe how crazy I looked in these pictures so Heather grab my phone posed me and made looke better than I did before. Yay for understanding sweet friends. 

She really is a doll and a good friend even if she looked like Jane Fonda. 
 Despite my sillyness I had an amazing time celebrating a good friends birthday. 

Happy birthday Kim thanks for the fun night!


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