Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 funsillytastic!

I have been reflecting what I want my goals to be this year and the words that keeps sticking in my head is FUN and Silly So I combined the 2 words and made up Funsillytastic!
So with those two word in mild Here are my goals for 2013
Read the Book of Mormon cover to cover Then act out my favorite three stories for my kids
Run my first 5K but make it a silly one like the color run or zombie run
Dance often in front of my kids like no one is watching
Memorize the living Christ (Yes I think this will be fun)
Tackle one of my many project each month ( This will mean one project a month)
Hike the incline at least once this year
Learn to cook something new each month
Spend more quality time with my family
Plan a fun vacation
My kids hate this one Take more pictures super fun for me
As always I have a ton of other personal goals
So here is to a Funsillytactic year!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you put some thought to this list! Is the list posted on the wall so you can refer to it? I should have made public what my new years resolutions where. I don't think the list is as long as yours however Jenn Sue!!