Monday, January 6, 2014


Could we just catch a little break? 
I got a text from Dale a at 11:30 am saying he was in the ER i text him back simply the word heart. He text back Y. 
I quickly got out of my work out clothes and headed to the ER. 
When I got there the first thing the nurse said it was a little scary for a moment but everything's under control now. Not what I wanted to hear.

When I got to his room he did not look so bad he was texting our realtator so I thought it couldn't have been that bad. 
Yep I was wrong it was bad. His heart was racing for over 45mins at about 200 beats a minute and after he was given the maxim amount of meds to reverse the SVT there was no change so the next step was to shock his heart. Thank goodness his heart started to go back to a normal rymthm before they had to shock his heart. Dale and I was so glad I was not there I think I might have freaked out a bit. After waiting a little bit the DR. came in and said Dales body dose not tolerate his SVT attacks well so he suggested a surgery to fix it. So in the next few weeks he will be having this surgery. I am not going to lie this is upsetting to me but I am happy that Dale will no longer have to suffer from these attacks. The surgery has a 90% success rate.  Thank goodness for moderne technology . We truly blessed to like in such a medically advanced time. 

As iratated as I am about Dale having to have surgery so close to my whole ordeal . I am very grateful that our issues are small in the big perspective of life we are so blessed to have mostly good health and that our children are healthy and happy. 

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