Saturday, January 4, 2014

Growing pains.

I love these two boys they have been best friends since day one. They are more different than alike but they always like to do things together. At the beganing of December the boys had a blow out something that never happens. It upset me very much that their relationship had been damage. I thalked to both boy and found out the heart of the issue. It was something that if not nipped in the bud quickly would lead to permant damage. I talked to the offender of the problem and at first he thought his behavior was no big deal. After reminding him how much I hatted sarcasm and just joking at others exspence and how his brother really can not tell the diffence between the two he understood how his brother might have been hurt by his behavior and vowed to change. I challenged him to pray and read scriptuers to help him. I also prayed and asked Father in Heaven to help him. 
I was honestly shocked at fast a change came. That night at dinner when he could have been sarcastic with his sister as the words started to come out he stopped himself. I have notice every day since the extra kindness and patients he has had with his brother and his other siblings. I am impressed with his willingness to change at such a young hard age. The boys relationship is stronger because of this incident and I hope it will only get stronger. 

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