Sunday, December 16, 2012

My two love bugs.

I love seeing my two Grandsons together.
Carroll is on the left  and Boon is on the right.
In November Boone came to visit us from Alaska along with his mommy and daddy but we aren't talking about them just yet. 
I had a lot of fun watching the two boys together.

Boone and Carroll are 3 months a part but Mr. Boone is a giant like his daddy and is almost taller than Carroll.
The boys have a lot of the same personality as there mothers it is kinda funny to see how alike they are to there moms.
Carroll is silly laughs a lot loves everyone and is loud.
Boone is quit , sweet and reserved but when he gets to know you he smiles and laughs it is special.
I love these two little boys so much they give me such joy.


  1. So cute!!! Love those babies!! They grow up way too fast!!

  2. They are too cute and getting so big!