Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 1 Spirit of Christmas

Every Christmas our family dose service as gifts to Christ sometimes we do a lot some times less depending on the year.
About a month a go we talked about what we should do for service this year and decided to do something nice every day in December to help others to feel the spirit of Christmas.
The day before thanksgiving I had something neat happen that helped me get even more into the spirit of Christmas.
I was at Walmart at the self check waiting for Dale to come back with something we forgot when a man handed me 20 dollars and said God wanted me to give this to you I was a little startled by this kindness.
I did not look like I needed the money by any means I believe God did speak to this man and prompted him to give me the money knowing I would do good with it also I believe this happened to spark the Christmas spirit in me.

Our family's act of service to bring the Christmas spirit for December 1st was to help out with the Cr'eche display that our church puts on every year.
This year My friend Jan and I were in charge of all the decorating I spent from Monday until Saturday 12 to 14 hours a day at the church.
I was proud of my kids and husband they never complained and did special things each day to help me out.
I was so grateful for there love and support.

I also enjoyed seeing the thousands of people that came to look at all the nativity's.
I had many spiritual experiences during the set up and during the times the Chrech was open.
It warmed my heart as I watched the little children with hands behind the backs so the would not touch the Nativity's ohh and ahh over each baby Jesus.
I new they felt the spirit of Christmas.

I also felt the spirit of Christmas as I watched the love Nativity out side the church with my family.
I am grateful for all the cast and production crew it really was amazing.

I cant even believe I am saying this but I cant wait to do this all again next year.

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