Wednesday, December 12, 2012

6,7,8,9 Bringing the Christmas spirit!

Day 6,7,8,were pretty fun Christmas spirit days and pretty much the same.
On the Ben and I donated money to a family that we heard about driving to school on the radio Ben was adement about helping them out when he heard there story.

On day 7 I went to taco bell and bought the person behind me there lunch.

On Day 8 we went grocery shopping at the Commsary on base and gave the baggier a 20 dollar tip.

On the 9th our Christmas Spirit  was simple it snowed so we had our boys shovel the neighbors walks.

My kids have had a lot of fun this year spreading the Christmas spirit and so have Dale and I I know most of what we do is small but to those who receive the things we do I know must feel touched.

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