Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The kids tree!

Everyone who knows me knows I love to decorate for Christmas.
I usually put up 2 or tree trees.
My kids have there own tree I let them decorate it how ever they want.
If you know me well you know this is hard for me because I like every thing pretty and in order.
In years past I have been known to redecorate there tree when they were at school.
I guess I am getting better because have not touched there tree in 3 years.

My kids love to decorate the tree they get so excited.

Ben loves it the most he gets all giggly and dances around.
Its so cute to watch how excited he gets.

I love watching the Christmas spririt through my kids.

I think my kids did a great job decorating.

For next year we need to buy more ornaments.
Big bright fun ones.

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