Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Krispy house

Every year we make a ginger bread house at Christmas time my kids love doing this tradition.
This year we decided to make a house out of rice krispys.
Dale cut it out and put the house together since it was his idea.
Being Dales Idea i just sat back and watch him and the kids make the house.
I laughed a lot knowing that the house was not reinforce well and that it would fall.
Why you might ask did I do this ? The answer is easy this because in years past I seem to take to much control.

I watched them make the house for about an hour it was looking really good then all of a sudden the roof caved in.
I have to say instead of getting mad we all giggled and laughed so heard then we started eating all our hard work.
It may have not been the best built house but it was the yummiest.

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  1. it looks yummy. I could use a rice krispie cake about now!