Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Grandmother's Angel

December is hard moth for me I have lost so many loved ones in this month that its hard for me to always be in the Christmas spirit.
In  December of 2003 I lost my beloved Grandmother unexpectedly I loved her very much and felt a strong connection with her. When she died I felt very empty inside it took me almost a year to get over her death and celebrate the fact that she lived a very full happy life,
I feel her often around me especially in times of sorrow.
I know she love me very much and it was no secret that I was her favorite grandchild.
It gives me joy to know she was proud of me and the choices I make.
I still wish I could talk with her I miss her sweet emails and letters she wrote me.

This summer my sweet mother brought me some of my grandmothers treasurer a ring, a crystal bowl and a box of Christmas decorations.
amongset her decorations was this beautiful Christmas angel .

She was well taken care of by my grandmother and I believe one of her favorites.
I love how she looks sitting on my mantel this little angel brings me joy.
I cant help but think that my Grandmother was happy when mom gave me this angel I somehow feel that she always belonged to me.
I hope to one day pass her on to my girls and pray they love her as much as I do.

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  1. aw, that is such a sweet post and the angel is perfect...and a perfect reminder of your grandmother