Friday, December 28, 2012

Reviewing my new year goals of 2012

As The year is coming to an end I am eager to write new goals for 2013 so I think it is important to look back and see how I did for 2012.

Here were my goals.

1. Read the scriptures every day

2.Run a half marathon

3. Be more creative and fun as a mom.

4. Make 2 baby quilts.

5. Do one act of service/kindness every day.

6.make at least 12 new aprons.

7. Try at least one new recipe a week.

8. Get into the best shape I can to start my 40s.

9.Learn 2 new skills.

10.Hike the incline

11.frame and hang my family pictures.

12. Learn to crochet

13. Learn to ballroom Dance.

14. Always have painted finger nails.

15. Try foods I think I don't like.

16. Write in my journal ever day.

17. Make new friends.

18.Do something creative every day.

19. Do 39 things out of my comfort zone.

20. Help my children recognize there talents.

So How did I do you might ask not bad but not great.

I completed 3,4,6,9,10,11,15,17,20.
I can say I did these things in there entirety  and I can say doing each of these things have made me a better person.
I feel like I was a better mom this year defiantly more fun than I have been in a long time.
I ate foods I would not normally eat and found somethings I did not know I would like raw egg plant is a new favorite.
I made a few baby quilts.
I learned 2 new skills 1. running  yes learning to run properly is a skill. I read books and magazines that helped me know how to breath and keep a good pace. I can now say I love to run! 2. I learned how to quilt I am not great at it but I can now quilt.
Hiking the incline was hard but I learned a lot about my self and hope to hike it again next year.
Helping my kids discover there talents was fun. who new how good of a swimmer Ben would be!

I mostly did 19,18,16,8,7,5
I am in much better shape than I was when I started 2012 not the best shape to start my 40's but I think in the next 4 month I will reach that goal.
I did a lot of things out of my comfort zone this year like hiking the incline I just did not count how many things I did.
I wrote almost every day in my journal.
I tried to do something kind in nice everyday most days I was successful.
I made many new recipes this year just not every week.

Not even close was I to making goal 1,2,13,12

I can say I was a better scripture reader in 2012 then I have been in a long time but I was not even close to every day.
For my defense I say every year I want to learn to ballroom dance one year I will take lessons so I always added it to my goal list.
I also always have run a half marathon on my list, I never ran an official  race this year I got up to running the distance of a 10K . I am thinking next year I might just make the goal of running a half marathon;)
I think Crochet will be on my list again I really want to learn.

So there you have it my success and my failures of 2012.


  1. It sounds like you reached a lot of your goals - and you had a lot ;) There are many things on your list that are goals for me as well, three really stand out: Read the bible every day, run a half marathon and be more creative and fun as a mom. Thanks for being an inspiration, I love how honest you are on your blog!

  2. I'm inspired.
    I need to know what books you read to be a better runner. That's my goal this year.

  3. I had/have a lot of the same goals. We REALLY need to take advantage of the fact that we are practically sisters and hang out more and of my 2013 goals actually! You Mrs. Wilderness inspire me and amaze me. Thank you for always being there when I need you and being my best friends sister and my friend. Love you girl!