Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New year!!

New years eve was on the down low this year Dale and I decided to stay home with Madeline and Benjamin
and eat Chinese food to ring in the new year.

Benny did not eat any Chinese food he stuck with a sandwich and honey buns.

The older kids were invited to a new-years eve dinner and then went to a dance.
The theam of the dinner was  moustache bought some tattoos and Madeline thought she needed one too.

Garrett was not to pleased about going to the dance but was excited about the dinner and hanging with his friends.

I chose not to wear a moustache

Mylissa chose to wear hers on her finger.

Mylissa Robbie and Garrett ready for theire dinner and dance. It was Garretts first church dance I don't think he was excited but all the girls from church were.

Dale and I did a little kissing before the new year.

Then we did a little more. if you did not know already Dale and I like to do a lot of kissing.

About ten o'clock Dale fell asleep and then Maddie and Ben knocked out leaving me alone to watch TV and read a book until midnight.
I woke Dale up just before midnight to do some more kissing.
Dale then went and got the kids from the dance while I cleaned the kitchen.
Yep an exciting New Years Eve at the Wilderness.

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