Monday, January 7, 2013

Cell phone pix of the week

Benny has struggled with eczema his poor little feet are always cracked and  split sometimes it hard for him to walk.
Seeing his feet like this always make me sad..

I just love how the candy canes looked in my food processeser. 
I was getting ready to make peppermint  almond bark popcorn.

Snapped this picture as Dale and I were headed to the Denver temple.
I love going to the temple with Dale it bring me peace and brings us closer together.
We try to go every other week.

It was kinda fun running with my shadow the other day

Love my cute boot socks.

I was not feeling like I wanted to be dressed up the other day so I wore one of my comfy outfits.
I feel like I am wearing jammies when I wear this outfit.

Last but not least Monkey bread YUM!

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