Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Smashing start to a new year!

One of my new years goals is to make a 365 day journal.
the day after Williams birthday I was in a craft store and saw these not books called smash journals  This interested me so I looked what they were and found out it's for art ,scrap booking journal writing.
I was in love I wanted to start scrap booking again but it's so time consuming.
So this was right up my ally smashing cards , notes, my thoughts and what not into a book that I can doodle in.

I bought my book and got started today..

I am really exited about this project.

I also started on two of my other goals book reading No I did not read all these today but am reading one of them in hopes to make my goal of 50 books this year.
I am dying to start safe haven since seeing it was made into a movie.
But it will have to wait untill I am done with the history of Love I started it this morning and I am half way through it.

Once upon a time I was an amazing yoga student.
I love yoga and what it dose to my mind spirit and body.
I plan on becoming a yoga junkie this year I know my body will thank me .
I love Rodney Yee he is an amazing yoga master I took a class from him years a go I just love how he teaches.
I bought a few of his DVD's ones I  once had on VHS.
I started his work outs today and cant wait to master them..
I guess I am not doing bad I started 3 out of my 21 plus goals.
Plus a few others.

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  1. I've read Safe Haven but not the rest of the books. I like the idea of doing journals etc. I just have nothing interesting to say.