Saturday, January 5, 2013

I love a man with power tools!

Yesterday Dale had the day off so he did what any other loving husband would do.
He picked up my honey do list and started marking things off.
I love days like this he hung hooks and pictures and installed lights in the garage and many other things that needed to be done.
After all his hard work he took me on a date..
yep I am a lucky girl

Dale did not do all this work alone he had his two trusty helpers helping him I love that he always includes them when fixing things.
Its good quality time together plus they are learning useful skills. When girls were little they were his trusty helpers and it's paid off for them they are all super good at fixing things and not afraid to get there hands dirty.

Instead of helping his dad  and brothers Ben was doing what he dose best playing with sticks.
In Ben defense he did not know Dale and the boys were working and was bummed when he came in and saw all they had done.
He made Dale promise to include him next time as long as it wasn't dirty work..
Yep we sure love this boy..

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