Friday, January 4, 2013

My odd Christmas gift.

One of my Christmas gifts from Dale was a little odd but useful he bought me knobs and hooks yes you heard me right knobs and hooks.
I looked at them and said what is this some kinda new jewelry Dale just ;laughed and said yes jewelry for the house. 

I am a little snobby when it comes to accessories  for my house I love my light fixtures and knobs and hooks to be pretty and  not ordinary.
If you were ever in my house in Alaska you know it's true I had beautiful light fixtures ceiling fans and light switches..
We did a lot of home improvements in that house.
Anyways as odd as my gift was I was happy to start switching things out.
The lovely knobs are for my master bathroom I love them!! Dale did good!

These hooks are for the kids bathroom. 
I didlike reular towl bars and we always take them down and put hooks up for the kid towels they work much better than a towel bar and each kid has there own hook for there towel.

The next set of hooks are for our mud room one of my favorite features in my house.
We designed the mudroom when the house was being built we wanted a place for all the kids Crap  things like coats backpacks and shoes everyone in the house has a bin for there things. This way there is a place for every thing I love it!

We need to get biger screws for the other hooks then we will stagger them on the wall.

I may not have ben thrilled with hooks and knobs on Christmas day but now that they are up and getting installed I love them.
I guess my hubby is wiser then I think sometimes.
Still it was an odd gift.

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