Monday, January 28, 2013

Kidney Stones. Yuck.

I have spent most of today in bed feeling yucky.
I have kidney stones again, I have been trying to pass this stone for almost 2 week.
I usually pass them on my own sometimes they pass easily with in one to two days  sometimes they take weeks and some time I have to have surgery to remove them.
I really do hate them I have had then since I was 16 sometimes I can go years with out having any but lately they have been coming every 6 months.
The Dr. said I am rare case that have genetically inherited them so there is really nothing I can do to prevent them. 
I curse my dad for passing them on to me. Just kidding I love my daddy at least inherited his speed  when it comes to running.
If you are wondering yes kidney stones are worse than labor.

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